? IE 36: How to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch as an Influencer

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If you’re wondering how to write an elevator pitch, look no further. Here we’re talking about what is an elevator pitch. how to write one as an influencer, and how to use an elevator pitch.

Have you been asked what it is that you do and you find yourself struggling with your elevator pitch?

Or have you answered with “I just blog” and you’re met with a look, or even better yet the question, “You make money doing that?”

We need to be able to tell others what it is that we do without making light of the fact that we run our own businesses.

Today we’re diving into how to write an elevator pitch. Spoiler: your elevator pitch isn’t just meant for brands. It’s also meant for the snarky moms at preschool pickup.

IE 36: How to Write an Elevator Pitch

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So much of what we do as bloggers and influencers is often thought of as just messing around on social media. That’s so not the case though.  All of our social media is our marketing.  It is and should be strategic in what we share.  It’s time for us to be able to articulate this.

What is an elevator pitch?

First things first, let’s talk about what is an elevatory pitch? You can’t write one without knowing what it is.

An elevator pitch is a quick, succinct way to explain what you do in about 1 sentence. The name comes from being able to say it “in an elevator” when you meet a stranger.

Components of an Elevator Pitch

Okay so we know what it is and why we need one, let’s address what we need to know before writing. Mainly, hte “who” and that “what”.

Know your “Who” for your Elevator Pitch

In order to create an elevator pitch we first need to know our who. Who is your audience made up of?

Checking out our Google Analytics gives us insight into our audience. We can find out the age range, gender and where our audience lives. This is a great starting point, but we also need to know more about our audience. Are they moms? What are their hobbies? Where do they hang out online?

Meet your audience through live video

In order to figure this all out, we need to use our social media channels to interact and engage with our audience. One of the best ways to get interaction is via Live video so either Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or Instagram Live. Not only is Live video being pushed out more by the social media platforms, but our audiences are wanting to consume our content via video and it gives them the opportunity to decide if they truly like us.

Meet your audience through email

Another great way to get to know our audience is via our email lists. We should not just be using our lists for the rss feed to share our latest blog posts. Rather, we should be sharing personal stories and relating it back to the content that we are creating. This gives our audiences the opportunity to get to know us better and possibly share their stories.

No matter how we choose to engage with our audience.  We need to find a way to know them.

How to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch to Engage your Audience

What do you solve in Your Elevator Pitch

Once we know who, we need to know WHAT. What problem do we solve? What is our audience routinely coming to us for?

You can once again get a good idea about this from your Google Analytics. Take a look at your most popular content.

What theme or similarity can you find in the content? Maybe you thought your audience was coming to you for healthy vegetarian recipes, but they are actually coming for comforting vegetarian recipes.

This transforms the problem that you are solving and you need to know this so that you can attract the correct audience.

How to write an elevator pitch for your business

Okay, now it’s time to write our pitch!

1. Ask a Question to Start

In order to create your elevator pitch you will need to ask a question first.

I want you to imagine that you are on a plane by yourself and you sat down next to a stranger who turns to you and asks, “What do you do?”  Instead of falling all over yourself. I want you to ask them a question that hits on their pain point.

For example, if I was talking about The Melrose Family I would ask, “You know how you feel like there’s never enough time in the day and you just really want to be able to enjoy a nice family meal?”

This is the “WHO” we addressed earlier. Who are you helping and what are their pain points.

2. Answer the Question

Now, I want you to answer your own question.  “Well, over at The Melrose Family I create quick and easy recipes and projects for busy parents that want to get their time back.”

See how I answered my own question with my elevator pitch?  We combined WHO and WHAT into one line to answer the question.

It’s that simple. You set them up by asking them a question that you know they’ll say yes to and then hand them the answer that the need. Not only did you write an elevator pitch, but you also just gained a new follower. They’re going to want to be part of your audience.

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