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3 Secrets Brands are NOT Telling You about Sponsorships

Learn the Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Generate Consistent Revenue through Sponsorships!

Working with Jenny is by far the best decision I ever made for my business. Even after blogging for 5 years and having some paid brand jobs, there was so much I didn’t realize when it came to treating my blog like a business.  I’ve gone on to triple the income I was making before working with Jenny or as my husband calls it P.J. (pre-Jenny). I cannot recommend Jenny and her brilliant programs more! It will be the best investment you make for yourself and your business!

Sophia Desantis

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I help bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs find their confidence, focus their energy and implement the strategies that put them on the express track to the thriving, successful business of their dreams.

The Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast

Check your doubts at the door because this is YOUR time. The time to smash your biggest challenges, crush your income goals and transform your business into the unstoppable force it’s meant to be. Jenny helps you get there faster with expert training that maximizes your growth potential using proven success strategies. Whether it’s how to attract your dream sponsor, create a business plan or make your live broadcast go viral, you’ll find it tackled by the Influencer Entrepreneur Podcast.

How to Improve Your Mindset

Discover effective strategies to improve your mindset and drive success as a small business owner. IE 395: How to Improve Your Mindset as a Small Business Owner with Brooke Elliott Brooke Elliott is a “Champion for Change” in her coaching and consulting business. She...

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Jenny Melrose

Hi! I'm Jenny.

Business coach, content strategist and podcaster.  I create content strategies for you to scale your business.


How to be an Influencer

How to be an Influencer

Over the past five years we’ve talked about everything influencer related from how to become an Instagram influencer to how to make money as an influencer, but somehow I skipped over the importance of how to be an influencer. IE 264: How to be an Influencer in 2022...

IE 61: Mastermind Group – Why You Need One NOW

IE 61: Mastermind Group – Why You Need One NOW

As spring approaches, I begin preparations for opening a mastermind group. If you’ve ever thought about joining a mastermind but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you, I want to tell you what masterminds are and what you can expect if you decide to join my...


Tired of being asked to create content for free... or better yet, a bag of granola?

Want to give them a piece of your mind? Or hit the delete button? You could...OR, you could steal the emails I use to flip those low-ball product offers into four-figure campaigns!