? IE 39: How Live Broadcasting makes YOU Stand Out as an Influencer

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Feeling as if it’s impossible to stand out as an influencer? We’re diving into how live broadcasting can you make stand out and get you paid.

Yes, you read that right, PAID.  We recently made $500 for an eight minute Facebook Live broadcast over on The Melrose Family Facebook page.  The best part is that it reached more than 5 times the amount that a post with link usually reaches and the engagement was three times the amount that is typically seen.

Live broadcasting is a simple and quick way to get video into your content and brands are understanding this and willing to pay for it.

IE 39: How Live Broadcasting makes YOU Stand Out as an Influencer

How Live Broadcasting makes YOU Stand Out as an Influencer

The writing is on the wall that video needs to be part of your business.  Personally, I do not have the time or the experience to create perfectly edited Tasty style videos and I know that a lot of my audience is in a similar situation, which is why I believe in the power of live broadcasting on Facebook.  It is the quickest way to incorporate video into your business without it needed to be perfect.


You have to realize that live broadcasting is awkward.  It is not natural to just hop on video and start talking.  There are times when you will be talking to only one or two people and even times when you’re talking to no one.  It can be uncomfortable.  If you have not done your first Facebook Live, please do not state, “This is my first Facebook Live.  Please just stick with me.”

You need to be able to fake it to make it.  You just need to realize that you’re going to take your audience on the journey with it and nothing makes people more uncomfortable then being told how the person broadcasting is uncomfortable.  Just go with it!  You want to start to train your audience to interact with you and in order to do that you need to commit to doing this.

5 Dirt Cheap Tools for Creating Awesome Live Videos

Why Live Broadcasting

If you’re not incorporating video into your content yet then you are going to get left behind.  People are consuming video content more than 50% more than written content.  There are predictions that video content will be 80% of the content on social media in 2019.  80%!

Increases Reach and Engagement

If you’re wondering why you should be using Facebook Live, it’s because it is going to increase your engagement and your reach.  Facebook loves Facebook Live right now.  They are pushing out Facebook Lives and showing it to more of your audience then they would with a picture and a link.


Live broadcasting also gives your audience an opportunity to get to know you.  People want to see authenticity.  They want to see how you interact in certain situations.  If you are a person that is building your brand then you need to give people an opportunity to get to know you.  I personally found that my engagement in my newsletters increased because the part of my audience that was watching my Facebook Lives felt like they knew me at a personal level.  They usually knew what I was emailing them about because they had seen me and heard me talk about it in my Facebook Lives.  When you put yourself out there, you give your readers the opportunity to know them, which in turns gives you the opportunity to know them.

Makes you Stand Out

It gives you the opportunity to have something that makes you stand out.  Brands understand that live broadcasting is increasing your reach and engagement and they want to part of the authentic experience that it creates for your readers.  In episode 37 we talked about finding your strength as an influencer.  Live broadcasting can very quickly become your strength.

5 Dirt Cheap Tools for Live Broadcasting

Saves you Time

Live broadcasting is the least time consuming and least expensive way to create video.  The 5 Dirt Cheap Tools that you need for Live Broadcasting are so inexpensive.  If you’re a food blogger you might be questioning my thought process.  This is especially true if you create Tasty style videos that do well.  I need you to think about the amount of time that it takes you to create that video though.  Live broadcasting takes at a minimum a fifth of the time that it takes to create a tasty style video.  You need your ingredients and your tools for creating recipe and you just need to go live.

Recycle your Content

Plus, you are able to repurpose the live broadcast for YouTube, blog posts or even IG videos.  If you get creative you might even be able to find a way to turn the broadcasts into modules for a course.  Facebook makes it extremely easy for you to embed the video right into your content, which continues the engagement and gives you video within your content.

Brands are willing to Pay

I cannot stress enough how much value brands are placing on live broadcasting.  Just two weeks ago I was working on a campaign where the brand asked for an additional social share on my Facebook page.  They had specific goals for the additional share, but I knew that they would not be reached on my page with the way that they were stating it.  So, I pitched the idea of a Facebook Live with the same campaign goals.  They did not even bat an eye at my price.  I was paid $500 for 8 minutes!  You can view the sponsored Facebook Live HERE.  Not only did we hit the campaign goals, but my audience interacted and engaged with me during the live that never would have happened as a post with a link.5 Dirt Cheap Tools for Live Videos

The Tools needed for Live Broadcasting

You simply need an iPhone, iPad or laptop.  I would also recommend having good lighting.  You can use natural lighting or you can grab the lighting in the 5 Dirt Cheap Tools.  Another great tool is a tripod.  You want to have stability so that you’re not shaking when you’re talking or cooking.  It’s difficult as a viewer to watch an unstable Facebook Live.  If you are looking to screen share or do live interviews then Zoom is a great tool.


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