? What is a Content Creator?

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If you dip into the online world at all these days, you will hear folks talking about being content creators. But what exactly is a content creator? 

And do you need to be one?

IE 169: What is a Content Creator?

In today’s episode, I explain what a content creator does and how becoming one can increase the size of your audience, both online and for brick and mortar businesses. 

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What Is a Content Creator?

A content creator is anyone who is putting out content digitally for media, whether that’s social media platforms, blogs, or podcasts. This is content that solves a problem. 

The problem that it is solving could be anything from inspiration for their audience, food prep, and planning, parenting, DIY tips, etc.

If you are putting together informational pieces that are going out digitally and that solve a problem, you are a content creator. 

Brick and Mortar Store Owners

If you are a business owner and own a brick and mortar store, and you’re looking to find an audience that may not be local, you may want to start thinking about adding a content creator to your team or becoming one yourself. 

Students that come through my masterminds are often successful brick and mortar store owners who have hit the ceiling and are looking for a way to reach a new audience through a website or an Instagram account. 

Becoming a content creator is a great way to do just that. 

What Do I Do? 

The content creator is definitely going to be solving a problem. There isn’t one specific place you should be doing this – your blog, podcast, social media, etc. 

You need to take a look at where your audience is and where you can reach the most people that may not know about you. 

Let’s say you are a nutritionist with a brick and mortar office where people come in to work with you. 

You have so many clients coming in that you are thinking about hiring a second nutritionist to work with you. Your expertise and word of mouth have helped you grow a very successful and popular practice. 

But you’re exhausted. 

You either have to hire someone else or increase how much you charge to keep your income from tapping out. You decide to become a content creator and teach the content you are sharing with your in-person clients virtually, to people you may not know. 

That is how a content creator figures out a way to create income while they’re sleeping. 

You can create a course one time and sell it over and over again. 

You’re able to share your content virtually so that while you are sleeping, clients in Australia or China or anywhere around the world can be consuming it. 

Utilizing Instagram for Content Creation

I’ve talked about Instagram so many times on my podcast. I think it’s one of the platforms you should be utilizing, but not the only one. 

You should definitely keep growing your email list and have a website with your content. 

Instagram provides you with a platform that allows you to create pictures and interact with your audience. 

You’re able to also create video through Instagram stories, IGTV, or Live. The multiple avenues give you many ways to get in front of an audience. 

You can create content and use the hashtags to grow your audience. 

As you grow this audience, you can offer freebies and get them on your email list. 

This will lead to you solving their problems and building that “know, like, and trust” factor which then allows you to sell them your products and services. 

Forming Beneficial Relationships

If you are a food blogger who is creating vegan recipes for your audience, you may be thinking about forming a partnership with brands across the country. 

You know that I believe creating a relationship with a brand is smart. 

You want to prove your value to them as a content creator. If you are someone who has a product or service, you can look to create a partnership with other content creators. 

If you are a food blogger with a subscription box and you know your box would be great for kids with allergies, there are other people creating allergy-specific content. This is a relationship that you can form where you will both be benefitting. 

Your subscription box will be a resource for their audience and it’s providing you with content from their site that you can share. 

This relationship is all about building awareness, not growing sales. 

You want to authentically share that the product or service you’re sharing is going to solve their problem. It always goes back to solving the audience’s problem. 

You want to be providing a service to both the person or brand you are working with, as well as your audience. 

When you forget to solve the problem, you are not providing value to your audience. Providing value should be your number one priority. 

I hope this helps you understand more about growing your audience as a content creator. If you’re a business owner, I hope you see how a content creator could be beneficial to your business as a partner. 

If you are looking for a product, service, or step up your game as a business owner, please make sure you apply for my IEA Mastermind. It will be kicking off this spring and culminating in a 3-day retreat in the fall. You won’t want to miss out on this. 

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