? Unlocking Ebook Sales: Marketing an Ebook Roadmap

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IE 364: Unlocking Ebook Sales: Marketing an Ebook Roadmap

Unlocking Ebook Sales: Marketing an Ebook Roadmap

Before you can get started marketing your ebook, you’ll want to make sure that you have created an ebook that sells. 

There are specific elements you’ll want to make sure to include in creating your ebook.

Email Marketing

You have to sell your ebook through email marketing.

The way in which you’re going to do this is first you’re going to grow your list.

You have to have an opt in or a freebie or a lead magnet. They all mean the same thing.

You are promoting something free, like a guide, to get people onto your list so that you can then sell to them once they are on your list.

After they opt-in you would have a sales sequence or promotional emails letting them know about that ebook.

But when you are creating your email marketing plan for this, not only do you want to have something that is going to be a sales sequence that is evergreen, that’s going to give them a chance to get in on grabbing that ebook, but you also want to think about giving them some sort of sense of urgency, a promotional idea of why there’s an incentive in order to purchase that ebook.

Now, sometimes people will do this as a tripwire, so there’s going to be a 48 hour sale in which the price is going to be discounted.

Your email marketing is what will sell the ebook, but your content marketing is what will grow your email list.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating content using keyword research and making sure that your blog posts are optimized for SEO.

Within that content you want to be able to link to your opt in or lead magnet and potentially link directly to the ebook.

This is especially true if it’s extremely relevant to specific posts on your site that are already getting a ton of pageviews, linking to that ebook there is smart.

It is also extremely important that you are still getting them on your list.

Selling directly to someone who hasn’t been on your list is very difficult to do, which is why I am telling you that email marketing is number one, and then you’re naturally going to already be doing the content marketing.

You want to make sure that your freebie is getting into all of the posts that are relevant so that then they go through that sales sequence that will promote and offer them the ebook that you have created and are trying to market to them.

Now once we’ve done the email marketing and the content marketing, next will be your social media marketing.

You all know how I feel about social media.

I believe you cannot build a business on rented space, which social media is.

That is not to say that you can’t continue to get in front of your people and remind them of the things that you offer and do.

Social Media Marketing

I would recommend that with your social media marketing, you take a look at your profiles on each of the platforms.

Make sure that your URL that you were offered goes to your freebie where they’re going to be able to get onto your list.

This way they then are going through your email marketing of selling the ebook.

Social media is a way in which you can continually get back in front of your people.

We have to remember, we’ve talked about this many times in the past, it takes anywhere from five to eight times for someone to see something before they’re going to take any sort of action.

So because of that, if you are already have them on your email list and you’re already creating content that they’re hearing about, adding it to your social media marketing is only going to help you.

You are not hearing me say only do social media marketing.

I am telling you, social media marketing is the third one on my list.

It comes after the email marketing and the content marketing that you are naturally doing.

It is not an opportunity that you’re looking to directly sell right then and there.

It’s a reminder to them that you offer this product, this service. So using social media that way can benefit you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is utilizing potential relationships that you have with other bloggers by having them market your ebook to their audience if the topic of the ebook fits their audience.

A great example would be a homesteading blogger.

Let’s say you have a book that you wrote about goats.

Well, the other homesteading bloggers may not have a book about goats.

They may have a book about chickens, or gardening, or livestock, or whatever else.

So because of that, their market, their audience could be the perfect people to offer your ebook to, the one about goats.

Start thinking about how can you potentially use affiliate marketing within, amongst influencers or bloggers.

We see sponsored content all the time that we are asked to do by other brands.

You see bloggers in these types of relationships and I have talked a ton about the potential of making revenue from sponsorships.

Why not be able to offer our fellow bloggers an opportunity to make a cut off of the product that we are selling?

Using affiliate marketing is a way in which they can get a piece of the pie when it comes to selling your ebook.

Now in order to do this you do have to have a platform that is going to track it.

In episode 362, I talked about the delivery of the ebook.

I talked about how ConvertKit could potentially be a way in which you deliver your ebook because it has a way in which you can deliver a PDF and also a checkout cart, but right now it doesn’t offer affiliate marketing.

So if affiliate marketing is going to be part of it, you may want to look at Milotree Cart or even ThriveCart.

You want a platform for your product that is going to be able to track affiliates, if affiliate marketing is going to be part of how you market your ebook.


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