? How to Stop Being Complacent

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After the year that we had, telling you to stop being complacent might seem a little harsh. 

Let me be honest with you: I got really complacent in 2020 and I know a lot of you did, too. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay that we took that time to just survive. 

But now it is time to get back up and start hitting our goals.

IE 210: How to Stop Being Complacent

How to Stop Being Complacent with Jenny Melrose

It is 2021 and we are going to move forward and make this the best year possible. 

In order to do this, you have to have a plan in place and I am here to help you do just that. 

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Doing The Bare Minimum 

The first thing we need to talk about is that 2020 was hard in so many ways. We had the pandemic that shut everything down, the kids came home and had to be homeschooled, our businesses changed. 

Personally, my family decided to build a new house, and then we all tested positive for COVID right after moving into our brand new house. My girls missed even more school and we missed out on Halloween. 

I’m sure some of you have felt like a turtle and wanted to just hide away in your shell. You don’t have to feel guilty about that. We were all in survival mode for a little bit there. 

Complacency, for me, is when you are just going through the motions of just doing the bare minimum you can do to succeed. 

I never stopped running my business; I was just doing the absolute bare minimum. I was doing what I could to survive and still keep my business running. I wasn’t creating new and exciting content. 

I was just barely getting by. 

I am fortunate that even through all this, I am going into 2021 with a thriving business, a healthy family, and a strong relationship with my husband and kids, even though we had to be quarantined with each other. 

Decide to Be Awesome Regardless

How do you decide to just stop being complacent? 

You have to decide that it’s time to go back to being awesome. Regardless of what is going on around you, you have to be able to overcome that and keep moving forward. 

It can feel overwhelming not knowing what the future holds, but you have to decide that it will not hold any power over how you live your life. 

Take A Look Back and Be Grateful 

You have to acknowledge that this past year was hard and be grateful for what you have. 

I am not trying to tell you that 2020 was a breeze. My in-person conference had to turn virtual for over 200 attendees in a matter of two weeks. That was stressful and hard. 

It’s been rough for so many of us. Keeping those things in mind is important, and it’s important to remember that it was harder for many people than it was for us. 

We can be grateful as well. I am grateful that my conference was able to be virtual. I’m grateful that none of my family had to be hospitalized. 

Look At Your Revenue Streams 

Take a look at your revenue numbers for 2020. What did you make in ad money, affiliate income, or revenue coming in from products or services? 

Compile a list of your numbers and which revenue stream produced the most income. You might be surprised by what you find. 

It might be tedious to go back and figure out what all of your revenue streams were and which produced the most income, but it’s important to know as you move forward into 2021. 

Find Your Trajectory for 2021

Decide if you expect similar, lower, or higher revenue in those revenue streams in 2021. 

If you had an ebook you released in August that produced $1,000 in 2020, will you have a funnel set up for that ebook in 2021? Will you have more months of promoting the ebook? 

Take a look and see what has the opportunity to increase in the next year. Get an idea of how much you can see your revenue increasing. 

Put down a goal revenue and see if you can get your numbers to match up. Go back to previous years and see what your revenue streams were and see if you can see the upwards trajectory. 

If you can see that trajectory, you need to get your revenue streams to equal your goal number. 

Whether these revenue streams are ads, affiliates, or your own products or services, you need to get your numbers to match up to know where to spend your time and effort. 

Questions To Ask To Create a Plan

Now that you have your revenue numbers written down, you need to ask yourself some questions in order to create a plan.

Get your calendar in front of you. Look from January to December of 2021. Pick up your phone and send me a DM on Instagram and tell me what you’re going to be focusing on. I will hold you accountable. 

Plan and Organize Your Business

Once you have your editorial calendar planned, listing a product or service for each month, you need to get your email calendar and social media calendar in line with any promotions you plan to run. 

You want to make sure that everything in your business is connected and working together. 

Letting your email list know about what is coming will help them be excited about what you have to offer them. They will be ready and waiting when you release your new product or service. 

You can use whatever productivity tool you prefer to keep you organized. It should be easy for you to connect these different tools. 

The four-step framework in my book dives into treating your business like a real business. You have to plan and organize in order to make this happen. 

You will flop if you do not plan ahead. 

Take Action 

I expect my DM’s to be blowing up with what you plan to be promoting in 2021. If you are not sure what to promote, tell me that in a DM. I want to have these conversations with you. 

The greatest part of being an entrepreneur is there is no ceiling. You get to decide what your business will look like. 

Take what you’ve learned today and take action. Don’t just speculate or remain complacent. Nothing will magically happen. You have to put in the work. 

Make sure you grab the product guide to be able to create your own product. And please tag me on IG stories or send me a DM with any questions you have about what we talked about today. 

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