? How to Pivot Your Business with Nicole Rodrigues

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The topic of how you can pivot your business is more relevant today than ever before. Over the last year, we have seen just how necessary it is to be able to make adjustments when our lives and businesses change.

IE 232: How to Pivot Your Business with Nicole Rodrigues

How to Pivot Your Business with Nicole Rodrigues

When we talk about pivoting your business model, we are talking about expanding. You are looking at a new and different audience. It is a way to open your business to a new and awesome opportunity. 

This can feel overwhelming, but it is a way to grow and open a door that you might not have walked through otherwise. 

My guest, Nicole Rodrigues, is the CEO and founder of NRPR Group, a messaging, PR, and positioning firm. Since the beginning of COVID-19, they have grown and expanded their services. 

They now offer Business Productions, or Biz Pro, which is focused on helping new businesses from beginning concept to launch, and everything in between. This helps budding entrepreneurs with any next steps they need to be taking to make their business dreams a reality. 

Staying Relevant Through Pivoting 

Besides during a global pandemic, what times should you consider pivoting your business? 

Pivoting is important if you want to remain relevant and in front of the game. 

When Nicole was in undergrad learning about marketing, she learned about how Coca-Cola started out just make Coke. But eventually, they started making other types of soda, and then they pivoted again and purchased a water brand. 

These types of pivots are necessary in order for the company to continue getting sales and to continue to be relevant. 

Think about your own business. If a large and well-known company like Coca-Cola is pivoting their business to stay in the game, why shouldn’t you? 

Pivoting doesn’t turn you away from the audience you already have. It introduces you to a new and different type of audience, in addition to the one you already have. 

Research Your Pivot

The very first thing that you have to think of when it comes to pivoting is: does it feel right? You cannot just jump into things. A knee-jerk reaction will not feel right to you or to your customer. 

Put the right time and research into making sure that this pivot feels right for you and your business. Once you are sure of that, think about how you plan to roll this change out on your storefront: your website. 

You need to roll your pivot out in a way that will feel well-thought-out so that your customer can receive it and you can track it.

There has to be a purpose behind your pivot. 

A Pivot Is Not a Failure

There can be a feeling of guilt if you decide to pivot. You might feel that way for two reasons: 

  • You feel as though you have not succeeded, so you have to pivot. 
  • You are leaving part of your audience behind. 

Companies take on a persona. Just like a human, a company can evolve. It is okay to mature and to change. 

Switching your business up doesn’t mean you are a failure. Especially if you are at a plateau. You are not serving anyone or your brand by sticking to something that isn’t working. 

Building Stairs Over Stumbling Blocks 

Biz Pro was created both as a way of pivoting and because of other companies that were having to pivot due to COVID-19. Nicole has seen so much need for Biz Pro since they started offering the service. 

Nicole has a friend who owns some family gas stations. Because of the pandemic, her friend’s gas stations were not doing well. People weren’t traveling and didn’t need gas. But he had so many connections to decision-makers in convenience store chains. He knew what brands needed to do in order to be successful. 

Nicole built a pitch, a website, and the messaging for him and they created a business together. In 90 days, he was ready to start pitching. He has 6 clients now, signed within 4 months.

Biz Pro helps people so that they don’t have to trip over all the stumbling blocks of starting a company. They create a staircase that flows right into a fully functioning business. This allows Biz Pro to hand people the keys to their dreams. 

Is Biz Pro Right for You?

If you are interested in utilizing Biz Pro, you need to have a clear vision for your business. You have to know who your ideal person and audience are. This allows Biz Pro to build something that will attract that person. 

You also need a budget. How much do you have to invest in your company? If you are hiring someone to do the work so that you can focus on what you love, you have to be willing to spend the money. 

Biz Pro will build a cohesive-looking brand for you. They will look at your Linked In. They will make sure you have an Instagram to go with your brand, even if you are not ready to start posting yet. They will write your bios for you, as well as all of the copy on your website. 

Biz Pro’s goal is to make sure that when people Google you, they can find you, and that you look impressive. This allows you to generate sales and close deals. 

They will set up social media platforms and give you an idea to keep them maintained. They will train you to pitch your own business. 

Nicole will coach you on speaking confidently and clearly about your business. They will also introduce you to lawyers that will help you with the contracts you need as you run your business. 

You can’t build a house on sand. You need a sturdy foundation. Biz Pro’s job is laying down that slab of concrete that you can build your business on top of. 

You can learn more about Biz Pro on NRPR’s website and you can connect with Nicole via email. 

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