? What is Attraction Marketing & How to Effectively Use It

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IE 392: What is Attraction Marketing & How to Effectively Use It

What is Attraction Marketing & How to Effectively Use It

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is simply content that you are putting out that is meant to bring in your ideal audience.

You are more answering the why of the problems that your audience have because you have the solution on how to fix that problem.

Types of Attraction Marketing

1. Blog Content

We are going to take advantage of Google and make sure that we are using keyword research.

I know that there are many algorithm updates that take place and many of us have seen a hit with Google, but keyword research is always going to be important.

All of the different platforms that you use are search engines. Google, YouTube, podcasts, even forms of social media like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, they’re all using keywords in order to help people find the right content.

When we were looking at our blog content, you’ve heard me say this many times before, you don’t have to start with writing as your It can start with a video for either YouTube or it could start with audio for a podcast.

All of these are going to utilize the opportunity for you to repurpose that content then into a blog post that is SEO’d so that you can make sure that you are utilizing those search engines on a platform that is owned by you.

Something that you are continuing to update and make sure it is continuing to be the best resource for your target audience as you continue to grow your and build your business.

2. Email Content

It is also important that after you have your blog content that you then utilize email content because this is also a form of attraction marketing.

The marketing that you are doing via email is attracting the audience that you have attracted from your blog content to then the products and services on your blog or affiliate product and sponsored content that you are promoting the way in which you can increase your revenue and diversify your revenue with the different things that you offer.

It’s important that you are thinking about how can you create your own product and service so that you can passively earn money and have a customer journey, which we are going to be talking more about, but a customer journey as far as the products that you are offering so that if you are starting off with an ebook and then potentially going to a workshop or potentially then going to a course or a group program.

All of this are products that you can offer that you would utilize your email content in order to attract that audience to becoming someone that is now a customer of those products and services.

3. Social Media Content

The next place that you are going to be using attraction marketing is social media content.

We are still using keywords here because we know that many of the platforms are search engines.

It’s important that when you’re using that social media content that it is not the first place that you are starting.

You have heard me say time and time again, social media is rented property.

It can change at any time, but you can utilize it in order to attract users. your ideal audience.

Now when you are looking at the social media platforms, you don’t need to be everywhere all at once.

You want to get good at one platform and then potentially add in another one.

You really need to make sure that you are thinking about where your audience is.

How to Use Attraction Marketing

Answer their problems

The first thing that you want to be doing is to answer the problems.

You want to have that solution as to why you can answer it so that they can see how they can fix their problems with the content that you are offering.

You have to be able to gain trust and people want to see that you are an effective teacher or inspirer or advocate for the content that they are offering.

Share stories

You also want to share stories. It’s important that you are giving your audience an opportunity to know who you are.

Too often I hear food bloggers complain about the fact that their readers don’t want to hear about any of the stories, about where their famous chicken parmesan recipe came from, that it came from their grandmother.

They say that their readers just want the recipe.

Are those readers or are those people just looking for a recipe?

Are they ever going to come back to you?

Or is it just a pageview that you’re chasing?

We have to start thinking about that when we create content, we intertwine stories so that people will want to come back to us because they feel that connection to us. So that we can start to be able to and establish why they would want to buy our products and services.

So if you are that food blogger that does Italian cooking, intertwine those family stories so that when you come out with your cookbook, they want to buy it, or when you come out with a cooking class, they want to take it.

Or when you want to create your own product, that is Italian seasoning or jarred sauce, that is going to be what you put to market.

Create awareness of your products or services

You also want to make sure that you create awareness of your products or services within your content.

You still want to answer their problems, but you want to be able to give stories and testimonials of how others have seen success from your products or services.

This is why you’ll often hear me give examples of clients.

It’s because I have helped others and there’s no reason to hide it if I can potentially help someone, a listener that is in my audience as well because they may see themselves in the example that I give.

So by giving those examples, it gives them an opportunity to be aware of the products and services that you offer just naturally as part of the content that you are creating.

Tips for Attraction Marketing

Be authentic

The first thing that you want to make sure is that you’re being authentic.

You don’t want to be what we would like to think about as those typical influencers that are doing duck lips, that are only doing things that are going to become viral or trends.

When you do this, you’re not attracting an ideal audience.

What you’re doing instead is attracting every single person and just trying to chase the virality.

So make sure that you are authentic to who you are and who you are and to the audience that you are trying to attract.

If your audience is women over 40, you’re not going to try to talk about problems that potentially a 20 year old is having, or speak in a way in which you’re trying to talk like you’re a millennial.

Know your target audience

We talked a great deal about your target audience. What it is and how to make sure that you go about finding it and creating that content for them.

You want to know who that is and also be thinking about that buyer persona that we talked about because when you are making sure that you’re creating content specifically for them, it makes sure that it is the ideal person that will become that buyer.

Leverage others influencers platforms

Now, when I say influencers, again, I’m not talking about I’m not talking about what we typically, when we roll our eyes and think of influencers, all of you, as you know, in my mind, are influencers, you’re influencer entrepreneurs, you all have a target audience.

I want you to think about how could you potentially leverage someone else’s platform in return through blogger collaboration.

Hopefully you’re letting them utilize and leverage yours as well.

Many ways that this can be done, but one of the ways that we have talked about in great detail with the insiders group is doing list swaps or creating a summit.

I also have content on the podcast where we talk in depth about these options, but you want to have collaborations with other influencers, other bloggers, so that you can leverage each other’s audiences so that you’re continually having new people come to you and get onto your list and know about the products and services that you offer.

Attraction marketing is something that many of you are doing on a daily basis. It’s what you would typically think of as traditional blogger from years ago.

They created content, they put it out there, and they attract it.

And the difference between then and now is that now you’re smart enough to know that you need to be monetizing via your own products and services rather than simply relying on those ad, that ad money that would be coming from page views.

This is how we go from pageview chaser to blogger to business owner.

So if you are ready to take that route and become that business owner where you are creating a business that you and your family are proud of, potentially could pass on, potentially could even look to sell, then you’re going to want to join Insiders.

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