? How to Find Your Target Audience

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IE 390: How to Find Your Target Audience

How to Find Your Target Audience

What is a target audience?

A target audience is the perfect person for you.

The perfect type of people that are going to get knowledge from your content because of the problems that you are aiming to solve for your audience.

When we’re looking at that target audience, you want to be able to put some specifics into it as far as what age, what are their profession, what are the problems that they’re running into.

If you are creating a play therapy course, who are the ideal candidates?

A parent. What type of parent? Are they single? Are they, you potentially married. What is it about their children that your play therapy course is going to help them with? Does it target in on making sure that they can handle the ADHD symptoms that maybe they’re struggling with?

Or is it helping those to establish a better relationship with their tweens or is it helping those that have toddlers that are going through tantrums?

You have to be able to know who that target audience is and that’s going to be based on the content that you create.

How buyer personas help find a target audience

One of the things that can help you with figuring out your target audience is to figure out your buyers persona, which is what we are starting to talk about.

We are talking about what are the problems that they are running into.

I really want you to start to figure out who is that ideal person.

We often talk about an avatar. The one person that you create that you could speak to every single time that you create your content, whether it is an email, whether you’re putting a post up on social media, that person that in your audience that you’re thinking of when you create that content so that when you create it, They see themselves in it.

That is the purpose of having an avatar.

The avatar goes even further in when we think about the buyer persona because as we have talked about in the past, you want to be able to solve the problem that they have, as well as continue to leverage them as part of your audience.

Therefore, you are going to have multiple items that you can possibly offer them.

Often you are going to be able to show how those items or options for them are different based on how much of you give them.

So if you are doing a course and it’s DIY, they’re doing it on themselves, then that is one piece. If you have a program where now you’re doing it in small group, you’re giving more of your attention to them in a smaller group setting, then that’s another piece.

It’s how much accountability they’re looking to have and how much of you are they looking to have.

You want to know your buyer persona so that you can create this funnel that is going to continue to offer them solutions with trust.

Key factors to consider when determining a target audience

Where are they going to be looking for information like that?

They’re likely to go to Google because everyone goes to Google. So you’re going to create that blog post.

Now, those people are also very busy. They’re in their cars, probably commuting to work.

So you could also offer up content to them via a podcast and repurpose that podcast into a blog post so that you are reusing it and giving an opportunity for both of your audiences, whether they are Googling it or whether they are a podcast listener, to now hear and take in that information to be attracted to what it is that you are offering.

Then the opportunity to then buy and get onto your email list.

Now, when you were doing this, you want to make sure that you are always thinking of the problems that you are solving, that is how you are going to attract them.

We’ve talked in the past about making sure you understand your content pillars.

What is the ultimate problems that your audience is having?

Where can you continue to create that spiderweb of information that they’re going to be able to find to now then see that you have a solution like a course that is going to be able to help them along their way. So, you want to make sure that you are putting all of that into this.

Ways to determine if the target audience is correct

The ways in which you are going to determine if your target audience is correct can often feel cumbersome, but it’s going back to the numbers.

Dive deep into your analytics.

What are you seeing from those blog posts? What are you seeing from your downloads in your podcast? What are you seeing from your emails that you are sending?What is your open rate? What is your click rate? What are they engaging in?

Lastly, you are also going to want to make sure when you are doing your keyword research that you take a look at Google Search Console to see that you are ranking for the terms that you are trying to rank for.

Now, we all know that Google goes through updates.

Your goal is to understand the terms in which they are searching with so that you can create that content.

And it’s important because often as professionals, in a specific niche, we use different terms that our audience may not understand.

If I’m talking to a nutritionist, she may talk about a specific test that I have to take in order to figure out if my hormones are correct.

I’m not Googling that test. I’m Googling my hormones are a mess.

You have to think about what are the terms that they are going to use in order to find the content that you are creating and making sure you’re using words that they recognize and are using when they do this.

Having a target audience can be the difference between years of time being wasted randomly creating content for everyone compared to targeted content that can make sure it’s attracting the right audience can grow your business much quicker.

Once you have that audience, you can now offer them the service and products that you offer and sell.


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