? IE 52: Importance of Performance Goals vs Outcome Goals for Goal Setting

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Performance goals are the key to creating the path that you are looking for in order to hit your goals.  Performance goals create the behavior or the path that you need to hit your goals, while outcome goals are the goal that you are trying to get to.  You need to know your performance goals in order to get to the outcome goals that you set for yourself.

IE 52: Importance of Performance Goals vs Outcome Goals for Goal Setting

A woman standing on top of mountain with her arms up in triumphant from hitting her performance goals

If you have been around here lately, you know we have been in a series on goal setting. First, we covered vision boards; how to make them and why they are so important. Secondly, we talked about the “why”, the motivation behind your goals. Then last time, I gave you 3 guiding principles for how to set quarterly goals from your larger goals.

I hear from many people that they can see their big, overarching goals, but they can’t see the path in front of them that will take them there. That big goal is your outcome goal. The steps that get you to that outcome goal are your performance goals. That’s what we’re talking about today.

Outcome Goal

Let’s begin by defining the terms. An outcome goal is the milestone; it’s the ultimate thing you want to have reached by a certain date. If you can put a number to it and it covers a longer period of time (not just a day), that’s an outcome goal.

A great example of an outcome goal is deciding on an income amount you want to reach this year. Let’s say you want to earn $10,000 per month from your blog. That’s a specific outcome goal you want to work toward.

Performance Goals

The way you get to that $10,000 per month is through performance goals. The steps along the way toward that monthly income are your performance goals.

Performance goals are the focused actions that you need to take, or the effort you have to put in, that will get you to the milestone.

The way to reach performance goals is by building new habits for yourself. Some examples of performance goals might be:

If you want to get to 5,000 followers on Facebook-

  • Post on your Facebook page a certain number of times per day, using Insights to see what your audience is looking for and clicking on.
  • Do a Facebook live every day or a certain number of times per week
  • Share viral content from others

Figure out What Works to Set your Performance Goals

In order to set up habits that will help you reach your performance goals, you have to know what’s working. You’re going to have to do some research; follow people that are talking about the things you are working toward.

Find resources that teach what is working for the goal you are trying to reach. Stay up to date on the niche you’re trying to reach goals in.

If growing your Pinterest account is one of your big goals for this year, you need to start listening to Kate Ahl’s Simple Pin podcast. Kate shares the latest and most reliable information on Pinterest marketing every single week. Don’t just listen though. You have to take action.

Back to growing your Facebook page, if that’s one of your big goals this year, you need to be following and listening to everything that Rachel Miller says. She knows her stuff when it comes to growing Facebook pages.

Growing an Email List

I am a firm believer that every one of us should be working on growing our list. Your list is the only thing that you own outright. It is your reader’s way of saying they want to hear from you on a regular basis.

Let’s say you want to grow your subscribers by 1,000 this year. A few performance goals may be-

  • Create a quality lead magnet that is in line with a product or purpose
  • Do at least one Facebook live per week with a topic that relates to your lead magnet
  • Post on your blog regularly and always refer to the relevant lead magnet in every post
  • Go back to older, relevant posts and add a link to the lead magnet

Alright, I really hope this has been helpful to you today! I strongly encourage you to head over to the Facebook page and watch the video that goes along with this post. In that live video, I give specific answers to the ladies who were watching it live and I believe that seeing how to set those specific performance goals will be a huge help to you.

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