? IE 50: The Importance of Your WHY in Hitting Your Blogging Goals

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Your reason for starting your blog is important to your audience as well as brands that you want to partner with.  It matters why you create your content and it’s important factor in continuing to move forward.  If you want to hit your blogging goals, you need to pay attention to your why for your content.

IE 50: The Importance of Your WHY in Hitting Your Blogging Goals

confident blogger that knows her why and is able to hit her blogging goals

If you missed last week’s episode, promise me that you will go back and listen to it. We talked all about creating a vision board to guide you in creating a plan for long-term success.

Before we get started, I want you to go over to my website and grab a download I made for you that will help you tremendously with what we are going to be talking about today. Just click here and download your free worksheet.

This worksheet dives deep into the power of purpose. Why does that matter? It is everything for helping you hone in on your why! Not only does knowing your purpose help you set goals for your business, but it allows you to niche down to your ideal audience. If you don’t know what problem you are solving for your audience, you can’t develop products to sell.

Power of Purpose Worksheet Download

Go Back to the Beginning to Understand your Why

Let me ask you a question; why did you start your blog in the first place? Was it to grow a huge business? Was it to make enough money to make all your dreams come true? If so, you are rare.

Most of us began blogging as a hobby. Maybe you wanted to keep far-away family updated on your kids and what they’re up to. Maybe people were always asking you for the recipe for your delicious food and you decided to share them on a blog instead of answering the same question a hundred times.

When I created my first blog, The Melrose Family, I did so because, as a full-time teacher commuting 3+ hours per day, I wanted a way to preserve the memories I was making with my daughters. There were days that I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with them and I hated that. I didn’t want them to ever forget the special times we shared together.

I also wanted to share what we were doing so that other moms who had crazy lives like mine would feel encouraged that they could do simple things to build memories with their children too.

Maybe you had a new baby and needed a creative outlet, or you had a degree in writing in some capacity and wanted to use it. Maybe you just had a head full of ideas and you wanted to get all that content out there to help others. Maybe you felt stuck in a job you were unhappy with and you needed something “just for you.”

Brands care why you started your blog and how their product will apply to your audience. You have to know your why in order to answer it for the brands.

Free Power of purpose download

Sticking to your Power of Purpose to Hone in on Your Why

You may be asking, but what does the power of purpose have to do with growing my business of working with brands or reaching my goals?

Without the power of purpose, you will never reach the first goal. Your business will be like so many out there; floundering for lack of purpose. Purpose is what tells you exactly what you’re going after and why.

Knowing your purpose is what gives you the confidence you need to pitch brands and get your business to the next level. What’s the next level for you? I will gladly tell you mine from very recently.

I wanted to bring my husband home from his extremely stressful job in retail. His hours were insane and the stress was building. He almost never got to participate in our daughters’ activities. All of his best hours were spent at work. There were times I was a single parent and we were both unhappy with the situation.

Because of the goals we set by following the power of purpose, I was able to retire him from that job in October of 2017. He is now working for our business full-time, learning all the ins-and-outs of this business and contributing his gifts as we now grow this business together.

Free power of purpose download

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm when you Know Your Why

I hear it from bloggers all the time; “I don’t know what I should be doing. I am so overwhelmed.” Once you have your purpose written down and in front of you, and you have your vision board so that you know your big, long-term goals, you can actually start moving forward.

As you fill out the worksheet on your power of purpose, you will narrow down your list of things to be done so that every day, you will know where to start and which tasks must be done.

Now let me add something here; if you are trying to maintain and grow a blog that you have absolutely zero passion for, you should really think long and hard about that. If what you write about brings you no joy and you don’t get excited about it at all, it’s going to be really hard for you to come across as authentic.

If your audience can’t connect with you because you aren’t passionate about your topic, your business will never grow.

You have to step back, look at your power of purpose, figure out your audience’s problem and how you’re solving it, and then move forward with the tasks that will get you there. This is how you will hit your long-term goals.

For some of you, this will mean deleting some content from your blog that you don’t really care about. But if your audience is there for you, they will stick around. And if they leave, you will build a new audience that is there with the problems you are solving.

I know this can be scary to come to these crossroads, but be brave! Set that power of purpose and nobody will be able to stop you!

Download your power of purpose worksheet

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