? 5 Out of the Box Ways to Work with Brands

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In order to work with brands on sponsored content, you need to be able to stand out to a brand and show them how your audience is the perfect fit for them.

IE 302: 5 Out of the Box Ways to Work with Brands

5 Out of the Box Ways to Work with Brands with Jenny Melrose

Today, we’re gonna dive deep into five out of the box ways to work with brands.

Out of the Box Idea #1

The first thing that I want you to think about is that it is important that you create a package price with your deliverables. 

One of the biggest mistakes that I see clients make is that they will try to tell a brand what they charge for an Instagram reel, what they charge for an Instagram post, what they charge for TikTok, an email blast, a blog post.

They give them so many options. 

And as we know, when you give people too many options, they get overwhelmed and they can’t decide what to do. 

Therefore it takes that much longer to land a deal.

When you actually give them a package price that shows where you get the most engagement with your audience, the deal will come together much quicker.

It makes a huge difference for them because now they’re able to negotiate. 

For example,  if you’re doing really great on Instagram reels, or if your idea pins are seeing a ton of impressions, then you want to make sure that you emphasize that and articulate that to them so that when they see this package price and they see the deliverables, they understand that this is where you are going to shine for them.

Out of the Box Idea #2

You heard me mention an idea pin above and that is actually the second out of the box idea. 

If you have been on Pinterest for any amount of time, longer than a year, you understand that Pinterest used to work differently, right? 

We used to use Pinterest as bloggers in order to drive traffic to our sites.

You still can do that, but you can’t do it the way that you used to be able to. 

Pinterest has changed and is pushing more idea pins, which of course isn’t about driving traffic to your site. 

It’s more about building your brand like Instagram and TikTok are, which is more beneficial for a brand.

Impressions are what matter when it comes to an idea pin.

That’s the whole purpose of doing sponsorships.

Out of the Box Idea #3

Find ways to repurpose the content that you are creating to have multiple deliverables across platforms.

For example, you put together an Instagram reel and the video that you record for it is multiple shots right? 

We’re always pulling different pieces together. 

Well, From the raw footage that you have, could you technically create a second reel? 

And it’s all from the same footage that you’ve already shot.

You’re just pulling it together in a different way. 

Instead of delivering one reel, now you’re delivering two. 

Or could you deliver a reel and then deliver two posts to your Instagram feed? 

How can you reuse the content from the raw footage that you were already shooting for them?

How could we take an Instagram reel and make it work for an idea pin? 

Or how could we take that idea pin and make it work for Google web stories so that we’re getting traffic that way?

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. 

We are marketers! 

We need to be thinking about this and not feel like everything that we give them has to be brand new or has to be a shoot just for that deliverable.  

If you are doing three Instagram posts to your feed for a brand, it does not have to be three totally separate shoots.

Out of the Box Idea #4

Emphasize being able to write an email blast to your list solely about their product.

Over the summer we talked about promotional emails and how to make sure that you are engaging your audience. 

We’ve been talking about this for a while because I emphasize the point that your email list is really important. 

It can drive traffic to your site.

It also can be able to sell your products and services that you offer. 

It can also get eyes on brands, products, and services that they offer. 

You need to know what your open rate is? 

What is your click through rate on your emails? 

Ideally, you’re looking for an open rate above 40%, and you’re looking for a click rate between two to eight percent, but you have to be consistently emailing your list in order to get that.

If you haven’t already listened to that series that I did over the summer about emails, go back and start with the episode on how to promote your blog with email marketing and then dive into the nurture email examples so that you can improve your email list.

Brands are looking for you to offer your email as a portion of your campaign, that you are going to run for them. 

They understand the importance of a list now in 2022, more than ever before.

Out of the Box Idea #5

How you can connect within the social apps that you are using in order to make the campaign more robust?

In other words, a great example would be to do an Instagram reel, and then have connected stories throughout the week that are going to continue to promote that reel. 

The connected stories are going to bring it in front of your audience, asking questions, getting them to do things that we’ve talked about with polls. 

And that way you can have conversations in your DMS, which shows the brand that you do have that engagement.

So I really want you to start thinking about how can I deliver a full campaign for them so that I can make sure I’m going to get as many eyes on their product as possible?

It’s important to remember that when you’re doing sponsorships, sponsorships are about building brand awareness. 

If you’re going to build brand awareness, you have to be able to come up with a campaign that does that.

And in order to do this, you need to put together deliverables that are within that package price that are going to be able to get more eyes on the brand and build brand awareness on that product or service that the brand offers.

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