? Nurture Email Examples for Bloggers

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We’ve talked about the importance of email marketing, but today we’re going to dive into nurture email examples.

IE 284: Nurture Email Examples for Bloggers

Nurture Email Examples for Bloggers

We talked about the difference between nurture and promotional email as well as what kind of emails you should be sending as a blogger in the episode from last week. 

Email marketing is the number one thing that I see needing to get fixed in the businesses of my mastermind members, which is why we are focusing so heavily on it recently.

Essential Elements of a Nurture Email

Subject Line

Make sure that you pay attention to your subject line.

You want them to open your emails. 

If you are a parenting or educational blogger you may to want ask a question in the subject.

Or if you are a DIY or food blogger you will want to be very straightforward in the subject line.  

For example if you created a new recipe, for a Vegan Mediterranean Slaw then say that in the actual subject line, so they know what they are going to be reading.


You also want to make sure that you are taking advantage of your email software system with the personalization feature. 

Within most of the services now MailerLite, MailChimp or ConvertKit you have the ability to ask for their first name and their email. 

This way you can say, Hi Sarah!, and then go into the rest of your email.

One Outbound Link

The next thing that you want to make sure that you are doing is one outbound link. 

If you are someone that has been writing a newsletter, you have heard me talk about not doing this because including multiple posts with links often causes people to not take any action.

Your best bet is to have one outbound link going to one blog post that you are trying to get them to go to. 

You can have it in there three times, but it needs to be the same link that you’re sending them to.

Call to Action

You also want to make sure that you have a call to action. 

That call to action is normally going to be “go read the blog post”, “go get the recipe”, “tune into the latest episode.”

Whatever you are sending them to you is what you want the call to action to be and you want this to be clear in your email.

Some email service providers like ConvertKit have the option to create an actual button that you can then link to the content that you are trying to send them to you. 

This is a very obvious call to action that you are asking them to make. 

Be sure to look into your email service provider and look to see if that’s a possibility.

Email like you are emailing a friend

You want to email like you are emailing a friend.

I don’t recommend having tons of pictures because pictures often get caught up in the Gmail algorithm. 

Think about how you would email a friend. 

What would you say? Would you get straight to the point? 


You want to be consistent about how often you email your people.

The best thing you can do is get them to expect when they’ll receive an email.


You also want to take advantage of resends.

This might be called something different inside MailerLite or MailChimp or whoever email service provider is, but inside ConvertKit, you have the ability to send a resend. 

A resends sends the same email to those that did not open the first time you sent it, which gives you the opportunity to adjust the subject line or any of the content.

Test, test & test some more

What works for one niche may not work for a different niche. 

Also with that being said, just because you’re in the travel niche does not mean that what works for one travel blogger works for another one. 

You know, your audience best.

You have to test things.

Nurture Email Example from a Vegan Food Blogger

Hi Jenny,

Orzo is one of my favorite pantry staples.

This tiny rice-shaped pasta works well in so many recipes from soups to salads to main dishes.

That’s why I decided to put together a collection of my favorite vegan orzo recipes so that you can find them all in one place.

I’ve also included some tips about cooking orzo, as well as my favorite gluten-free brand, in case you are cooking for someone who needs to follow a gluten-free diet.

Get the 10 Easy Vegan Orzo Recipes

Reply back and let me know your favorite way to prepare orzo.

Enjoy the recipes!

Love and Veggies,

Amy from Veggies Save the Day

Nurture Email Example from a Parenting & Loss Blogger

Hi Jenny!

You’re at the very end of your pregnancy, tired and sore. We know you’re ready for that little baby to be on the outside with you. There are a ton of induction tips floating around the internet, but not all of them work or are safe. Today we’re sharing which ones to try.

If you and your doctor feel like it’s safe for you to have your baby at any time, there are some valid options to get the party started.

Labor Induction Tips

We’re here to help you analyze the most common techniques for natural labor induction. Plus, we’ve got some great tips if you want to know how to prepare for labor induction at the hospital!

Katy at Undefining Motherhood

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Both of these are great examples of nurture emails from two very different niches, but both include the essential elements of a nurture email and pull you in with their voice.

Action Steps:

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