? How do I Promote My Blog Through Email Marketing?

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We’ve talked about the importance of email marketing quite a bit and now we’re diving into how you can promote your blog through email marketing.

IE 282: How do I Promote My Blog Through Email Marketing?

How do I Promote My Blog Through Email Marketing?

Back in episode 242 we talked about how to grow an email list so after you’re convinced that you need one, be sure to go back and listen to that episode.

We’re going to dive deeper so that you can understand what the purpose of email marketing is, because I know for many bloggers, it is something that is a hurdle to get over because many bloggers feel that email marketing is clunky.

What should a blogger send via email?

One of the pieces of which you want to make sure that you’re sending is that nurture side of things.

Nurture is value. 

When you send them to blog posts that is considered nurture. 

When you drive traffic to your site because you’re providing them with free content, which is what you’re doing via your blog. 

The other piece of what you can potentially be sending to your list as a blogger is a promotional email, which is then sales.

You are looking for them to make some sort of payment to you. 

There is a difference between the two. 

I will have a lot of bloggers think that if they send a nurture email, it can’t be asking them to do something. 

In a nurture email you are simply offering them your free blog content.

While in a promotional email you’re asking for some form of payment.

How often should a blogger send an email to their list?

It really depends upon your audience and how often you have already been emailing. 

If you have only been emailing your list once a month, I would not recommend doing more than once a week, right out of the gate. 

Ideally though, I would recommend you’re emailing your list three times a week.

Based upon where you’re starting from is the important point though.

If you are just starting to grow your list and you’re getting in the swing of things with an opt in, I would recommend emailing them three times per week. 

But if you’re a blogger that has had a list for a while and you’ve always written a long newsletter email once a month, then I wouldn’t recommend jumping right to three times a week. 

I would try to get yourself up to once a week and then to twice a week to ideally end up at three times per week.

What should a nurture email consist of?

Every nurture email should have a call to action that gets them back to your blog post or content.

For example, if you’re a food blogger, and you have a new recipe that comes out, I would recommend a subject line that gets them interested.

Your nurture email should then consist of a couple of sentences that piques their interest about the topic and gets them excited to read more.  

It is similar to writing an introduction for a blog post.  

You know where you want to send them. You just need them to get interested in it.

Finally, have a call to action button that is linked directly to the blog post.

What should a promotional email consist of?

A promotional email is going to hit on pain points that they have and show how your product or service solves that problem for them.

The call to action in a promotional email should send them directly to the sales page for the product or service.

Your promotional email should be on one specific product that you offer and the problem that it solves.

Promotional emails usually come in a launch type series and usually occur multiple days in a row during a selling window.

This is why it is so important to consistently email your list with nurture emails.

You don’t want them to unsubscribe because they’re not used to getting emails from you.

Action Steps:

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