? How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself so You can Hit Your Goals

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In this episode, we are diving into a very important topic: how to stop sabotaging yourself. 

This is something that can happen in your business and affect the success you see; it can also be happening in your personal life. We all know that what happens in our personal life can affect our businesses, especially as wives and mothers. 

IE 229: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself so You can Hit Your Goals

How to Stop Sabotaging so You can Hit Your Goals

In 2020, we saw what can happen when our personal lives are massively affected and how that can mess up our focus when it comes to our business. 

We’re going to get rid of that defeatist attitude and stop self-sabotaging. Grab my revenue planning guide which will help you set your goals. This is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to getting away from self-sabotage. 

“It Is What It Is…” NOT 

“It is what it is.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that phrase over the last year. So many people, clients, family members, and friends, have used that phrase as a way of saying, “I just have to suck it up, this is how it’s going to go. 

I’m watching Andy Storch, who I had on the podcast in episode 147, share about his recent journey of battling cancer. He is sharing his journey on Facebook, openly, and I have been so amazed by his positive attitude. He has never said, “It is what it is.” 

He has created a new routine, explored holistic medicine, and is getting treatments. It is so inspiring to see him travel this journey in such a positive light. 

No matter what you are facing in your life, whether that is difficulty in your business or personal life, you have to follow Andy’s example of positivity. 

Stop Being Complacent

When it comes to self-sabotage, you will know that you are not happy. You will feel uninspired, you won’t have any passion for what you are doing. All of this leads to complacency. 

If you are feeling these things in your business, with your friends, kids, or partners, you have to put in the work. And it is hard. 

Anything worth having takes work. I have had to really work to not be complacent in my business over the last year. 

Do the work so that you can have the things that are worth it. 

Don’t Speak The Lies

The way that you can stop self-sabotage is to actually pay attention to yourself. Listen to what you are saying. 

The minute you catch yourself saying “Oh well, it is what it is,” stop yourself. Don’t allow yourself to sit in that place of being uninspired and complacent. 

Understand that not only are you manifesting those things by speaking them, you are also beginning to believe them to be true. If you say those types of things about your business or even areas of your personal life, you will believe them and then you are sabotaging yourself. 

If you are excited and positive about your business, you will be ready to hit the ground running. You will feel that inspiration and passion. 

Be self-aware. If you are having negative thoughts or a defeatist attitude, work on mending that. Begin to speak positively to yourself about whatever it is that had you feeling defeated. 

Determine Your Triggers

Determine the trigger that is causing your self-sabotage. 

Often I see my client become defeated by what they see on social media. They will feel that they are not getting as many likes, they are not as popular, they won’t ever reach the level of that influencer, etc. 

When you speak that way, it sends you down the self-sabotage spiral. This will cause your productivity to take a huge hit. 

If social media is triggering for you, know that. Be self-aware so you can decide how to move forward. 

How can you change your behavior and attitude? 

Stay Authentic 

If you are seeing someone’s social media and it is a trigger for you, don’t look at their social media. It is okay to unfollow. You don’t have to copy what someone else is doing. 

It is absolutely necessary that you stay true to your brand and who you are. 

If someone is causing you to want to sway from that, block them! Unfollow them. Delete them. Do whatever you have to do in order to stay focused on your brand and growing your business. 

I have plenty of people on social media that I have blocked because their content triggered me and made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, especially when it comes to being a wife and mother. 

Don’t allow anything into your space that will not serve you and help you to grow. 

If you have expectations for your partner or children, communicate those. They are not mind readers. You cannot expect them to know what you want if you do not let them know. 

Think about how you can positively change these behaviors. 

Look At Your Growth 

Once you’ve determined how you can get rid of your triggers, start speaking positively to yourself. 

Remind yourself that your content is just right for you and your audience. Remind yourself that you can do it. You are serving your audience through all the growth you have experienced. 

This is why setting goals is so important. This allows you to look back at everything you have accomplished and feel pride over how far you’ve come. 

Keep Failing Forward 

Whether it is business or personal, it is so easy to just begin spiraling. Your website crashed, your email list isn’t growing, your children are talking back, you don’t get enough alone time… “when it rains, it pours.”

That’s another phrase that we need to get rid of. When YOU start spiraling into self-sabotage, you bring yourself further down. 

Look at everything from a positive standpoint. Remind yourself that you are failing forward, learning from everything that is hard. And speak positively so that you are attracting good things into your life. 

I know that life is not all rainbows and butterflies. If you are failing and things are hard, you just have to learn what behaviors need changing and keep moving forward. 

Set Goals

In order to stop self-sabotaging, you have to set goals. If you don’t know what you are working towards, you have no way to measure growth. 

This is why you need to grab my revenue planning guide. This will help you set your goals for your business. It doesn’t matter what those goals are, they just have to be set. 

When you work on setting these goals, you are letting yourself and the universe know that you are a business and need to be treated as such. 

Set goals so that you can see your trajectory. With the revenue planning guide, you will have projections for the rest of 2021. It is not too late to make projections for Q3 and Q4. 

Please make sure you get the revenue planning guide today

And please make sure you stop using the phrases, “It is what it is” and “When it rains, it pours.” Don’t be okay with being unhappy. You have the ability to change the trajectory of your attitude. 

Changing your attitude will change the attitudes of those around you. Positivity will push you forward. 

Action Steps:

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