? IE 17: How to Monetize Twitter as a Social Media Influencer

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How to Monetize Twitter as an Influencer

IE 17: How to Monetize Twitter with Saira Perl

How to Monetize Twitter

Are you overwhelmed by social media and wondering which outlet has the ability to monetize easily?

There are so many social media outlets and only so much time in the day, which is why I love that Saira Perl of MomResource.com makes it easy to monetize Twitter with her simple strategies and a plan of action.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction of Saira Perl of MomResource.com
  • Journey through blogging as a business
  • Greatest difficulty to overcome as an online entrepreneur
  • Size of a Twitter following needed to monetize
  • Twitter lets you find thousands of people in specific niches
  • How to find people within your niche with hashtags and turn their followers into your followers
  • Implementing lists to grow your following
  • Utilizing lists to grow your income
  • Automating retweets to maximize your time
  • Importance of how specific hashtags need to be
  • How to make your profile stand out on Twitter
  • Monetizing with Twitter via affiliate marketing and sponsored content
  • The ins and outs of Twitter parties
  • All the details on analytics for Twitter
  • Projections

Resources Mentioned:

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