? How to Create a Product that Sells to Your Audience

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Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about creating products and there is a good reason for that. Now is the best time to be thinking about what kind of product you can create for your audience and how to get them to the point of wanting to buy. 

IE 173: How to Create a Product for Your Audience

Whether you’ve already started brainstorming the product you would like to create or are just now starting to dream one up, we will be walking through all the steps you need to take to get your audience down the path to your product. 

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Why It’s The Best Time to Create an Online Product

The reason I have been talking more and more about creating products is that we are seeing a shift. There will be a new normal, whether we want it to happen or not. 

There are more and more people who are learning about using the Internet in different ways. They aren’t as scared of being online as they might have been before. 

This provides you with the opportunity of an audience who is even more interested in consuming online content. This might be through a digital product, an e-book, online services, etc.

People will be more willing to utilize products and services online because it’s become more normal for them over the last few weeks. 

If you haven’t started to think about what could be a viable product or service for your business, you need to get started. 

Make sure that when you get a chance you check out my product launch guide. It will walk you through a lot of the questions that I’m asking you in today’s episode. 

What Does Your Audience Need from You?

The very first thing you need to be thinking about when it comes to creating a product or service is always your audience. 

In my book, “Influencer Entrepreneurs”, I walk you through a 4-step framework called PACK. 

  • Positioning
  • Authenticity
  • Confidence
  • Kindness

This framework is all about creating a loyal audience that is always looking for your next piece of content and eager to buy your products. 

Understanding your audience and what they need from you is so important. You are already creating content, (whether through your blog, social media, or Youtube) and your audience is consuming it. How are they engaging with it? 

What do they comment on? What are the questions they are asking you? Those questions and the posts they engage with are what they really need from you. 

When you think of your audience, you need to determine what problem you solve for them. That is what makes them want to buy from you. They are looking for transformation and if you can provide that, they will want to buy. They want results. 

What Type of Content Does Your Audience Want? 

How does your audience want to consume this content? Video, audio, reading? You need to be asking your audience to find out. 

You can do this through your email list. 

Reach out to them and ask what type of content they prefer. Use your social media platforms, whether it’s a Facebook group or your Instagram stories.

If you’re curious about how to use Instagram to help you create a product, you can check out episode 112 where I share all about creating engagement with your audience through your stories. 

What Type of Product Are You Creating? 

Once you’ve determined what problem you are going to solve, and whether you’re using video/audio/text to solve it, you need to decide how you are going to deliver that content to your audience. 

This could be a digital course or an online service. Thinking this through will help you continue to create content. You need to have an endgame in mind. 

You want to be leading your audience down a direct path to your product. 

Creating the Path to Your Product

Let’s say your product is a course where you teach your vegan audience how to get all the nutritional value they need while still eating delicious vegan food. 

Now, you need to work backward. You need to create basic content about getting more veggies, whether that’s a recipe or content about the value that those veggies provide our bodies. 

Once you’ve created that content, your next step is to create an opt-in. You need an email list. You cannot just rely on social media platforms to create a product. 

There is so much content on social media. You have to get in front of that competition through your email list. Content needs to be put in front of someone at least 7 times before they will take action on it. 

This is why it’s so important to build your email list. The best way to do this is through a freebie. You want to provide your audience something valuable in exchange for their email address. 

This opt-in needs to be in-line with your product. For the vegan food course, a good opt-in would be a chart showing them the difference between processed and fresh veggies. 

You want to give your audience the bread crumbs to lead them to your product.

Building A Relationship With Your List

If you are looking to make the leap from never having sold a product to a $99 product or higher, that is a big leap. 

People need to know that they are going to get a transformation for their money. The only way to guarantee that is to give them a transformation for a lower price that leads to the ultimate product. 

Back to the vegan course, your smaller product could be a $9 video training that walks them through some recipes they can make for lunch every day. 

Along the way, as you’re building that relationship with your audience through your email, they will begin to know, like, and trust you. 

If you’re listening to the people in your audience that know, like, and trust you, you will know what they are looking for. You have to be communicating with them, through social media or your email list. 

If your email list isn’t talking to you, you need to build that relationship before you create a product. 

If your $9 product creates transformation for your audience, they will be ready and eager to buy your more expensive course. 

Do Your Research

You have to do research in order to create a product. 

Find out what your audience is looking for. Look online and see what else has been created to solve that problem and read some of the comments. Figure out how to put a different spin on it to solve more problems for your audience. 

If your audience hasn’t specifically asked you to solve a problem, they won’t want to spend money on a product around that problem. You have to be creating what they want and need. 

My product guide walks you through what we’ve been talking about. It will help you figure out the path to your product. The product is important but the path to get them to it is even more important. 

Creating Authenticity and Kindness 

Now is the time to get started on creating that product and that path. It is your job to create the content your audience is looking for. You want to build a business that is sustainable over time, whether it’s in the middle of a pandemic or not. 

I know lots of people get hung up on the pricing and sales aspect of creating their own product. Think about this: if you aren’t creating a product, your audience will still have the same problem. 

It’s not about being sales-y. It’s about solving that problem. Not creating that transformation is selfish. Remember that you are serving your audience. 

In my 4-step framework, I go into detail on how to develop your products with that foundation of authenticity and kindness. So, be sure to get your copy today!

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