? How Successful Women in Business Connect with Pamela Hibbler

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It has been a struggle during this pandemic to connect with other successful women in business. Social networking groups and communities have been the best places to find those connections. 

IE 193: How Successful Women in Business Connect with Pamela Hibbler

How Successful Women in Business Connect with Pamela Hibbler

Women are connecting and sharing resources online because right now we aren’t able to attend in-person networking events. 

Pamela Hibbler is the CEO and co-founder of TechMae. TechMae is a new mobile app that was created specifically for women entrepreneurs to network with one another. 

Creating a Unified and Safe Space 

While you can find certain connections on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, those women might not always be the right connections for you or have the resources you need. 

You have thousands of social networking groups online. The goal of TechMae is to bring unity for women entrepreneurs. When there’s unity, you can network well and find out exactly what women need, whether that is a photographer, a lawyer, or a business mentor. 

TechMae is a community of unified women that can benefit each other. There is a verification process through TechMae at registration so that they can cut back on things like catfishing and bullying. 

TechMae uses facial recognition during registration. You can upload your profile photo and then take a selfie in real-time to verify who you are. This keeps TechMae a safe and intimate eco-system. 

Choose What You Want to See

One of the most important things for TechMae is to focus on mental and physical wellness. They promote recipe sharing, health regimens, and more. Some of the other topics are mentoring, spirituality, and lifestyle. 

The topics you choose will be the ones that show up on your timeline. 

You are able to send other members a friend request and you will see their posts on your timeline. It has the same feel as other social media platforms but is all women entrepreneurs changing the dynamics of how networking takes place online. 

Creating a Sisterhood

Once you have sent a woman a friend request, you are able to reach out to them personally through a messaging system. The goal is to really create a sisterhood of women who can mentor and build each other up. 

Pamela wanted to create a non-judgmental space where women could reach out and seek help. She got the idea about 6 years ago when she was working in the tech space. There weren’t a lot of other women in her industry that she could reach out to. 

After the #MeToo movement, with women sharing all kinds of stories online, Pamela realized that women did not have a networking space where they could go and just share with other women. 

An App for Professional Women

Two years ago, Pamela and her cofounder Vanessa, decided to come together and create a mobile app. This app is for any professional, career-driven woman. 

A woman has many facets of her life: kids, health, relationships, business, etc. That is why the app has more than one focus. 

Pamela and Vanessa will be listening to their users and adding topics as their users have a need for them. 

Pamela is creating this app for women of the world and wants to make sure she is serving them well. She wants to create a safe space that promotes a healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

You can download TechMae on Apple and Google Play. Right now is a really important time to try out the app and give your input. Share what you would like to see more of on the app. You can also listen to the TechMae podcast, and hear amazing women share their stories. 

You can connect with Pamela through email with any thoughts or questions you have concerning TechMae. 

Action Steps:

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