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IE 380: Batching Content for Social Media

Batching Content for Social Media

What is Content Batching?

Content batching is when you are looking to be able to put content that is somewhat similar into a the same categories and be able to build upon it so that people start to see you as an expert within that category or within that specific problem that your audience may have.

Content batching often incorporates task batching because you are going to be using time batching in order to do it more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Batching Content


Batching content is truly just so important because you’re not switching tasks, it allows you to be able to save time.

Instead of having 85 different windows open or jumping from one category that you write about to another category, you’re now able to just stay within that category, that silo, and really start to fully develop and make sure that you are giving a full answer on how you do something.

This way you’re saving time for yourself.

You’re also saving time for your listener or reader, because they are able to go to your content and jump from one article to the next and it’s going to fully make sure that they understand the complete concept, the complete way to create that recipe, or to use that ingredient, or to create that project that they’ve been looking to create.


The other benefit of batching content is that it helps with overwhelm.

When it comes to batching content for social media, we often struggle because we feel like we’re just feeding the beast.

We’re constantly feeling like we have to put out new content.

This guru says you have to post 27 times.

This guru says you only post once.

You need to make sure that you’re doing it at least every single day.

With there being multiple platforms, there’s so much that we feel like we have to get.

When you actually batch your content, it’s going to help with that overwhelm because you can take a look and decide what is the best way to organize your thoughts.

Batching Content for Social Media

When you batch content for social media you are specifically helping with the overwhelm of trying to do it all.

Purpose for the Content – holidays or evergreen with CTA

When we talked about how to batch your content for your blog.

We talked about the idea that you want to start with that product or service that you’re trying to be able to get in front of them.

What is the call to action that you want?

You want to do the same thing when you are thinking of the purpose of your social media.

When you are looking at your call to action, you can often look to see if you can develop it based on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Halloween, because leading up to that holiday you need to have that social content going and being able to tie that in.

Or you can look to see if something is going to be evergreen and is going to be something that doesn’t matter about the time of year,

Here’s a specific example for a homestead blogger.

If we’re looking at how are we going to wrap this around holidays, it’s not necessarily going to be Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Instead, it’s going to be the seasons.

For example in the winter, homesteaders starting to think about buying their seeds.

In the spring, they’re already starting to plant and really start to think about what they need to continue to do in order to have their plants and their produce completely growing the way that they need them to so that in the summer, they can start to think about harvesting.

And then in the fall, they can think about canning and being able to put it all together.

When you are deciding upon the purpose of your social media content you can look at it based on holidays, seasonally, or evergreen.

Medium – video or photo post

The other way in which you can batch your content for social media is the medium.

Are you doing video?

Are you doing photo posts?

You don’t want to jump back and forth.

You don’t want to do a video and then do a photo post, and then a video and then a photo post.

We are specifically talking about the creation of the content.

Not the posting of it.

We’re batching this to get ahead so that you are not simply posting the day of.

Instead, we’re going to have a content for at least a month.

And if you’re doing. photo or post content, then you’re creating and sending all that so that you can sit in Canva and do the templates and have all the content that you use for that.

But again, you’re batching it based on the medium.

Platform – user intent

Which platform are you putting the content out for?

We all know that the way in which you interact on Instagram is different than you interact on TikTok.

The way in which you have to create that content is different as well.

For Instagram, you want to be able to put something more in the description so that you can get them with the video and tie them in and then you’ll tell them take a look at the description and that’s where they’re going to have their call to action.

Whereas TikTok, you can’t get away with that.

You have to be able to have everything in that video.

They’re not taking the time to look at the description.

You have to understand your user intent.

You have to know how they are using the platform in order to make sure that when you are batching your content, you are batching it for those specific platforms.

You’re going to want to create video for Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, but each of those when you go through is going to be set up a little bit different as far as what’s going to get written into the video, what’s going to be an overlay, what’s going to be in the description.

It’s important that you batch within each platform.

Therefore, if I’m going to do video, I’m going to do all my YouTube shorts. I’m going to make sure that they all are consistently based upon what YouTube is asking for.

Schedule it – content calendar

The last piece of what you are going to do for batching your content for social media is you need to schedule it.

You need to actually know exactly where you are going to place this and that’s where a content calendar comes into place.

You have to be able to look at your content based on holidays, based on seasonality, or even if it’s evergreen, and then we’re going to be able to put it into our calendar and put it out.

You want to actually go through and have a full plan so that you can do at least two weeks worth of the purpose for the content.

Then you’re going to go through and do the mediums. You’re going to do two weeks worth of videos and photo posts. And then you’re going to go through and think about, okay, platform. How can I develop this? What is the description going to look like? What are the overlays going to look like? And then. You can sit and schedule it.

And you’re scheduling everything at once. So it’s no longer you’re doing something just to get it out. This is how you’re going to be able to get ahead and not feel like you are only creating content right then and there and randomly putting it out as quickly as possible. All right, you guys, I appreciate you so much for listening in.

If you are truly looking to make sure that you have that content laid out for yourself, this is what’s going to make it happen for you. Go back, listen to how to batch so that you understand how to do your blog content, and then we’re going to coordinate it into batching your content for social media.


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