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IE 378: How to Batch Content Like a Pro as a Blogger

How to Batch Content Like a Pro as a Blogger

Benefits of Batching Content

Creates an SEO Strategy

You have heard me multiple times on the podcast talk about how you want to create a spider web of content.

By creating that spider web of content for your readers to come to and to then click to get more information about another post and another post and another post, It increases their time on your site.

It also gives you interlinking to your content, which is then creating that SEO strategy where you are showing them you have the complete answer.

You are that expert that is going to be able to help them through whatever problem that they have.

Saves Time

When you are batching content, you’re not thinking about just one post.

Instead, you’re thinking about how can I continue to build upon this concept and show them every step that goes along with this and give them the complete answer.

It saves you time because you’re not jumping from one topic to the next topic.

Instead, you’re staying in your lane on a very specific content pillar and making sure that you fully answer all of the information within that topic.

Fills in Content Gaps

If you started your blog and you started off like many of us do, throwing spaghetti against the wall, looking to see what’s going to stick, or creating stuff that’s based upon us being creative and there was no sort of strategy in mind then you are going to have content gaps.

This gives you an opportunity to fill in those content gaps and see what you are missing.

Have you completely answered all of the questions that they may have on a specific topic?

You want to be able to answer all the questions that they’re going to have about that.

Create that SEO strategy and that spider web of content that is going to show not only your audience, but also Google that you’re the expert so that they will continue to send people to you to get their questions answered.

How to Batch Content

Identify Your Content Pillars

Your first step is to identify your content pillars.

The important piece that you need to understand is what are those content pillars of content that you want to be known for?

If you are a play therapist, will they think that you are going to give them play therapy ideas.

They expect you to give ways to redirect kids.  Or that you will give them chore charts.

Whatever your expertise is going to be your content pillars.

Determine a Pillar Focus Based on Revenue

Next you are going to determine a pillar focus based on revenue.

You are going to batch your content based on the product or service that you offer so that you’re content can then easily sell that product or service.

If you don’t yet have a product or service, you want to start to brainstorm what might be a good fit for your expertise and the audience that you’re trying to attract.

Identify your Avatar for that Content

The reason that we identify our avatar for this is because some of us may have multiple avatars.

Some of us may have someone that’s coming in that’s in the very beginning of the stages of what you teach, and some may be in the middle, or some may be at the end.

Or they may be entirely different audiences, but maybe you offer a different service to them that is still all within the same type of content.

For example, I have a client that offers a course, but then also offers a program for graduate students that they can go to.

It’s a similar course that could work for both audiences, but the pain points are going to be very different.

The graduate students are looking for CEs that are required by their state, while those who have been out of grad school for five years are looking for a course to become a supervisor.

The content pillars are questions that psychologist will have about running a practice, but some are at the beginning of their journey and others are at the end.

Establish your CTA (Call to Action)

You have to be able to establish your CTA or your call to action and that CTA or call to action needs to be to get those people onto your email list.

The CTA becomes to get whatever it is you offer as a lead magnet or optin in order for them to give you their email address.

You want your optin to be connected to the product or service that you are selling so that they can be a part of your sales funnel.

You want the sales funnel to be able to bring them along the journey of what you can show your audience.

Some are going to want to get the product right away and be able to pay you for it so they can solve their problem almost immediately.

Do the Keyword Research

You need to be using a tool in order to do your keyword research.

I personally use KeySearch.

You can also use Ubersuggest, RankIQ, or Ahrefs.

When you do the keyword research, you want to be paying attention to the other suggestions that are being offered up when you put in a string of keywords in to find the volume.

The reason behind this is because when you put that string of keywords in, the suggestions they give you can be potential other pieces of content that you then batch your content with.

You are now able to take that content and create multiple pieces of blog posts that are going to be able to be put out to be able to attract your audience.

Doing that keyword research and paying attention to what else is going to be offered can give you an opportunity to batch your content all at once.

I sat down to do this the beginning of this week because I am teaching my Insiders membership people how exactly to walk through this and implement it for themselves.

We are then using that batched content to do a content sprint where we will have blog content done for the entire month in four days.

In order to be even more effective you want to use content batching in coordination with time batching and task batching.

It is all interconnected. It is all about time management and how to be more productive so it can save you time in the end to run your business more efficiently.

Content Batching Template

In order to get started on content batching, we are providing you with a content batching template.

The template will help you determine your content pillars based on your revenue goals for your product or service.

It will then identify your avatar for the content and help you establish your CTA, all while making sure to pay attention to SEO best practices with your blog post structure and keyword research.

Grab the content batching template and get started today.


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