? How to Consistently Create Content for Instagram Stories

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Do you struggle with posting to Instagram stories consistently? If so, then stick around, because today we are going to dive into how to consistently create content for Instagram stories. 

IE 149: How to Consistently Create Content for Instagram Stories

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Knowing that I want to have a 24-hour period with something always in my Instagram stories can feel really overwhelming and has caused me to shut down just because I didn’t know what to create or put out. 

Over the last month or two, I’ve been working on a strategy that changed how I approach my content.

As always, I have a download for you that will not only walk you through the questions but give you a space to write down different ideas that will work best for you and your business.

Sharing Authentically 

Instagram stories are supposed to be about you sharing your life authentically. You are going to want to work through this on paper so that you can refer back to it throughout your content planning.

Creating content for your blog and even other social media platforms is different than content for your Instagram stories. Instagram stories don’t have to take a ton of time out of your day. It can take as little as 15 seconds. 

Start With Your Positioning 

Instagram stories are supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end just like any story. That beginning, middle, and end can stretch over the course of your day. It doesn’t have to be something super exciting thing or a big production. 

Instagram isn’t about driving traffic, it is all about raising awareness for your brand. What you are sharing on stories is all about your branding and what you represent. 

You have to start with your positioning and what makes you unique. 

A food blogger in my Facebook group is a private chef and she goes into people’s homes to cook for them. That’s something she could be sharing on IG stories because it’s part of her day-to-day life that makes her unique. 

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What makes you unique? 

There is something about you that sets you apart. Many of you listening are former teachers or current teachers and because I used to be a teacher, you relate to that part about me. 

Who Is Your Audience? 

The next thing you need to get clear on is: who are you talking to? Is your audience busy moms? Women who don’t have kids yet? Young adults? 

Knowing your audience matters when you are creating content. Your audience has to relate to the things that you talk about.

How Are You Helping Your Audience? 

I was recently talking to someone on Instagram stories about them feeling uncomfortable in their content creation. I pointed her to the fact that that she is a stepmom trying to break the stereotypes of the “evil stepmom” while creating recipes that brings her family together. 

That’s a problem she is solving for her audience. 

What problem are you solving for your audience? 

Stay On-Brand 

You should be aiming for 3-5 stories per day. It doesn’t all have to be photos or all videos. You want to mix it up. 

You also don’t have to post everything right away. 

If you’re out in the pumpkin patch with your kids, you can take some photos and post them later that day or even the next week. This allows you to be in the moment with your kids and to share more in-depth about the photos later when you have time to post them and write a thoughtful caption.

Remember: whatever you are sharing needs to be on-brand. 

I often talk about my dog Charlie on my Instagram stories. I share about my girls and my husband. I share those things because I know that people in my audience also have dogs and kids and husbands as part of their daily lives. 

Sharing those things makes me more relatable. 

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Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routine 

Three of your stories should be part of your routine. 

There are things you do every single day that are part of your morning, afternoon, and evening routine. Brainstorm these things and write down what those things are. 

Right there, you have 3 stories and 3 pieces of content. 

Let’s say your morning routine is starting your day with a smoothie. I want you to tell me about that smoothie and why it’s important, what’s in it, and if you have a blog post that goes along with it. 

Think about the things you consistently do in the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

In the morning, you will typically see a picture of my dog Charlie, whether we’re going for a walk or he’s next to me while I’m meditating. I know that he is going to be with me every morning, so it is a consistent piece of content I can share. 

75-80% of people do not listen to Instagram stories with the sound on, so be sure you are summarizing your stories with the text feature. I do these kinds of stories during my mid-afternoon routine while I’m in my kids’ pick-up line. 

Get Your Audience in Your DM’s

Once you have your 3 pieces of content from your daily routines, you need to start talking about the problems that you solve. You want this to be relevant and on-brand for you. 

Listen to your people. What are you getting comments about when you post on Instagram stories? Get your audience to interact with you through Instagram story features like polls. 

If you have a lead magnet/freebie, you should be talking about it and leading up to it so that you can offer that to them. 

You’re trying to get them into your DM’s. When you get someone to direct message you back and forth, the algorithm will favor your content to those people’s feed. 

Don’t Just Share the Highlight Reel

Outside of our consistent 3 and solving problems, you want to share fun milestones. It’s great to share birthday parties or our vacations. We don’t want to only share the highlight reel. 

Don’t just show your audience the perfect part of your life. This doesn’t give them the chance to really connect with you. 

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Talk About Your Products 

Talk about your freebies. If you’re thinking about creating a product, you need to have an email list. 

Grow your list and give people an opportunity to get to know you. Talk about your lead magnets/freebies to get them onto your email list. 

Think outside of the box. Your freebie doesn’t have to be a download. You can mail them a physical product like a sticker. 

You don’t own your IG account. Instagram could go away any day. You have to grow your audience through your list. 

And if you don’t have a freebie that you feel comfortable talking about or giving away, create a new one. 

I’m excited to see how this information helps you to have a better routine for your stories. 

Make sure you get the download and work through it so that you can refer back to it whenever you need help with your content. 

Action Steps:

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