? Crafting Social Media Success with Content Pillars for Social Media

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IE 374: Crafting Social Media Success with Content Pillars for Social Media

Crafting Social Media Success with Content Pillars for Social Media

Content pillars are going to help you with your content planning.

It is going to give you a strategy for moving forward in 2024 and actually having a plan of attack when putting your content out there so that you can continue to grow your traffic, grow your audience and sell your products to make more money this year.

Content Pillars for Social Media


The first content pillar for social media is inspirational.

This is where you’re inspiring someone with a story and then getting them to have a call to action.

You are giving them to then take action to go to your blog post, buy your thing, do the things, right?

But you’re inspiring them with a story that you’re telling them.


The next content pillar for social media is going to be educational.

And this is where you’re teaching them something.

You’re showing them how they have this pain point and then how you can actually solve it.

You give them a little bite of information and then give them the call to action that gives them the full process.

Again, having them go to the blog post, or to a product or service that you offer.


The third pillar is entertaining or entertainment, where you are actually just trying to grab them in, but still give them information about that pain point that they have and having a call to action to the full thing.

So this is where you’re using maybe transitions or trying to talk about something maybe that has gone viral, but applying it to your content.

This is not where we let the wheels come off and just start talking about random things that doesn’t make any sense for what we are trying to drive them to as far as our blog or our products and services that we offer.


The fourth content pillar is going to be for advocacy.

And again, we talked a little bit about this two weeks ago, where some of you may find that being an advocate for something naturally falls into what it is that you do.

For example, maybe you are a homeschooling blogger that is working with a child that has autism.

Therefore, autism is something that you advocate for.

Something that I advocate about is my beliefs on the use of social media by children and teens.

I can advocate for the fact that I think social media needs to be guarded from certain age of students until they’re at a certain level because I have talked about very specifically my thoughts and feelings on social media when it comes to my own daughters.


And then the fifth and final content pillar for social media is going to be promotional.

And again, this isn’t just buy now, get my thing.

This is hit on the pain points. Talk about how quickly, how this is connected to what you solve and the product that you offer and then be able to send them to that.

Examples of Content Pillars by Platform


Instagram has multiple features within the platform.

Instagram has reels, stories, the feed and then of course it has a carousel post as well.

When we were looking at this and we are looking at how we are going to use these, it is likely for Instagram that you would use entertainment, educational, inspirational for reels, right?

That’s the video content.

That’s where the transitions are going to be.

It’s going to be easiest to put the entertainment factor into a reel because it’s video content.

You can get transitions, you can have different sort of layers put into it.

And it’s, what’s going to connect and drive them to it almost immediately and pull them in.

We all know that there are certain features within Instagram that bring in new people.

And there are features that are meant to keep the people that you have there.

Reels being one that keep new people potentially coming to you because it can go viral.

So again, you’re going to potentially use the tiers of inspirational, educational, and entertainment within reels.

Now, within your carousel, that’s where you might talk about the advocacy. I

t may be easy to do the promotional.

You can also do the other three that we just talked about.

Some of this is all going to overlap within Instagram.

Stories is where it’s going to be really easy to be able to do the promotional.

Many of you know that I talk about selling from your Instagram stories by giving them an opportunity to do a poll so that you can then DM them with a link because they have already raised their hand and said, yes, I want this.

That is where the promotional aspect is going to have a higher conversion rate because you’re getting into their DMs and able to have that conversation with them.

When you look at the different pieces of the platform, it’s determining which content pillar could potentially work best, but always making sure for Instagram in particular, that you have a call to action.


Facebook also has multiple features.

We are seeing some bloggers are having huge success with uploading and doing reels just from Facebook rather than having it from Instagram and then pushing to Facebook.

I will be honest with you.

I do not watch Reels on Instagram.

I think that the algorithm is crappy over there, but I love the Reels that I get shown in Facebook.

I have clients that are using reels on Facebook with great success.

So again, reels is going to be very similar to what we just talked about with Instagram as far as the different types of content pillars you’re going to use there.

The post to your page or a static post is going to be educational, promotional, or inspirational and will have a call to action to go to the blog post or buy your product or service.

Within groups, you can have conversations, you can ask questions.

It’s not necessarily the content pillars that you’re using within groups.

If you’re using Facebook lives, you can do the educational and then promotional pillars.

You teach them something on that live and then you tell them, “Hey, join my membership site that’s going to actually walk you through being able to completely create this piece of art that we have just started.”

“I taught you how to do the petals today. Well, if you join my membership site, I’m teaching you how to not only create the petals, but how to make it into mosaic to be able to put into your garden.”


The features of Pinterest include static posts and idea pins.

An idea pin falls easily into the educational content pillar.

For example as a food blogger, you would have the ingredients that you need, the next transition might show step-by-step how to make the recipe, and then you have the finished dish.

The call to action on the idea pin is to get the complete recipe.

An idea pin could also be inspirational.

You don’t have to give step-by-step.

For example you might show them a handmade ornament that you’re going to show them the different, steps that are happening without telling them exactly what you’re doing, obviously, but you’re showing them how it can change over time.

And then for full instructions on how to make this beautiful handmade ornament that you can pass down generation to generation, click through to it.

Your static Pinterest posts are going to be more of being able to give them why they should be able to go to it.

You have to make sure that you’re using keywords.

The content pillar is normally going to educational and inspirational for Pinterest.

Tik Tok

TikTok is very similar to Instagram Reels.

You will use content that utilizes transitions, the video, and that is, again, where you’re going to be able to bring in that entertainment content pillar, as well as be able to potentially teach them something with the educational.

You can also create promotional content, where you’re going to tell a quick story and then be able to have a call to action to sign up or to grab the product that you are offering.

When it comes to TikTok as a platform, you can use all of these content pillars in order to drive your audience.

The biggest thing that I want you to keep in mind is that no matter what content pillar for social media you are using, the purpose of social media is to have a call to action.

And for some of you, you may be thinking, Oh no, I want to grow my followers. I need to grow my followers.

You need to have a purpose in order to consider yourself a business though.

If you are someone that is thinking, what the heck am I supposed to be posting on social media?

Look at these five content pillars and see where you can create content.


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