? Cause Marketing Example with Influencer Iryna Fedchenko

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Cause marketing is a way in which entrepreneurs can bring to light important social issues and today we’re diving into a cause marketing example with an influencer.

IE 301:Cause Marketing Example with Influencer Iryna Fedchenko 

Cause Marketing Example with Influencer Iryna Fedchenko

Our guest’s name today is Iryna Fedchenko, while she is a full-time influencer on Youtube, she also coaches other influencers.

Iryna helps her clients level up and work with brands they have dreamed about working with.

She is very passionate about what influencers do to our society today, of course there is a lot of stigma about influencers but in today’s topic we will discover a lot more than what we hear on the internet.

What is cause marketing?

Cause marketing is a marketing that not only helps the business, but it also brings a message to society and helps others with the activism and spread of important messages that needs to be spread.

Iryna thinks that in today’s world it’s very important to have some kind of message as a business or influencer content creator.

How have you used cause marketing as an influencer?

Iryna has been on social media since 2016, her Youtube channel was not started as a business, she didn’t think she would be able to make money with that.

So she didn’t exactly know how to make money, it was her story as a Ukranian moving to Mexico that started her up.

She started making videos in Spanish and then her audience started to ask her questions and her first videos that she did with the calls did well for some years.

Iryna made a documentary about the novel tragedy about the nuclear plant, she then found an organization there that was helping dogs.

Basically giving them what they needed, medical help, vaccinations, etc.

Iryna thought this was incredible and decided to market it on her videos, by putting links in the videos etc… She got half a million views.

Right now a lot of her viewers know Ukraine is in a war and almost all of her content on all of her social media is about spreading that message.

It was never something she planned on wanting to do but as a Ukrainian she felt as though she needed to do something to help.

What are some other examples of cause marketing used by influencers?

Every brand needs to have something like a cause marketing in their strategy and as an influencer it’s important to have a message behind our content because every brand has a message.

For example, fashion brands don’t just sell clothes, they sell self-esteem, self love, confidence etc.

There are a lot of classes you can include as a strategy.

Iryna also encourages her influencers by clients that she works with “what is your message?” “what is your purpose on social media” 

There are always topics you can include in your message without losing the other popular topics because people sometimes think they don’t want to be a charity.

It’s not about charity, it’s about purpose because everything we do in our lives needs to have some purpose and you will see that a lot of people will resonate with your message wherever you go.

How would an influencer employ cause marketing into their already built brand identity?

Iryna would start with the same, you would introduce to the audience in the same way that you would introduce it to yourself.

So if you never do it, you can go to the place, maybe a charity, and show your experience discovering it.

You are not showing help like we need to help right now, you’re doing it like “ I’ve been doing this for a long time, I didn’t just show it”.

Or maybe he or she didn’t go but they watched that documentary and what they discovered caused the first step for everybody else’s discovery.

Starting off by saying you just watched a documentary on Netflix about a problem you can explain what you thought about it and how you discovered it, etc.

Then you can go and create a conversation with your audience asking what they thought about the documentary.

That creates interest and conversation.

Iryna has a guide that teaches how to be a professional influencer as well as a strategy call for a free 45 minute call for all content creators.

What she is trying to do is show influencers something that a lot of big influencers don’t show because it’s straight to the point.

What Iryna is trying to show is materials but also her strategy goals.

Something that you’re afraid to show on social media, but it’s something that will help you grow to find the right audience for you.

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