? Tips for Blogging as a Business for 2023

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We learned a great deal about blogging as a business so far in 2022 and there are 5 tips that I want you to move forward with into 2023.

IE 308: Tips for Blogging as a Business for 2023

Tips for Blogging as a Business for 2023

The first thing that I want you to keep in mind, even before we get into the tips, is that in order for your blog to be seen as a business you have to see it as one first.

You have to stop putting aside your blog in order to take care of menial tasks that aren’t really moving your business forward or are not fulfilling you the way that you need them to be. 

If you want your blog to be considered a business, you have to think of it as that.

You have to try to put in hours within your day that are going to be dedicated to working on your blog and your business so that you can move it forward.

1. Know Your Audience & the Problem You Solve 

We often talk about knowing your audience by referring to your avatar.

You have to be able to tell me who your audience is and what problem you solve for them. 

A lot of bloggers will start off by throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. 

When you are trying to determine what problem you solve, ask yourself what it is that people routinely ask you about and what are you really comfortable talking about. 

Whether that is creating baking recipes, or if you are more confident as a decorator and you want it to be a certain specific style, you really need to think about your audience and who it is that you want to speak to.

Therefore, if your style isn’t farmhouse, then don’t talk about farmhouse decor.

Instead, stick to modern design or whatever it is that you are interested in. 

2. Keyword Research & SEO Matter

Keyword research and SEO do not only matter when it comes to being found by Google, but they also matter on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, because the algorithms are getting smarter and smarter and they’re able to pull from our descriptions.

You need to really start to dig into keyword research and SEO. 

What is it that you can do to improve the content that you already have in order to improve your SEO.

 And moving forward, how can you make yourself seen by Google, as the expert in the topic that you want to talk about?

3. Grow an Email List from the Beginning 

Start growing that list

And if you already have been growing it, continue to grow it. 

You want to make sure that you are always growing that list because it’s going to drive traffic.

It is going to give you an opportunity to have your audience know, like, and trust you so that as you move forward and decide to have a product or service out there, you have an audience to purchase it.

4. Have a Plan for Monetization

You have to have a plan for monetization. 

You need to decide how you are going to monetize. 

Are you going to grow your pageviews and look to monetize via ads? 

If you’re a blogger, you absolutely should be doing that. 

Can you also create a product or service that you could potentially sell as your own to that audience?

Could you work with brands on sponsorships

Could you use affiliate links and talk about products and make recommendations that then they would sell and you’d get a kickback off of? 

Think about the different ways that you are planning to monetize because as you move forward, this makes it so that your foundation is already set.

5. Create Content Consistently

You need to pick a place where you are going to consistently create content and then repurpose it and use it on other platforms.

Then you want to figure out where you are seeing the best ROI or a return on investment for your time and energy that you are putting into those platforms. 

You really need to be paying attention and looking at your numbers because that is blogging as a business. 

Looking at your numbers and understanding where your engagement is coming from so that you can understand where your people are interacting with your content.

You have to know your audience. 

That’s why number one is so important because if your audience is actually listening to podcast, and that’s where they’re going to end up booking your services or buying your products from there you then need to have that content there as your number one spot that you are being consistent.

This way you can then take that podcast and repurpose it by creating a blog post out of it and using it on social media.

Action Steps:

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