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IE 388: Why Is Blogging Important? 13 Reasons Why It Is Essential for Your Business

Why Is Blogging Important? 13 Reasons Why It Is Essential for Your Business

We all know that there are a ton of ways that people can find out about your businesses.

They can Google it, they can go to YouTube, they can go to all the different social media platforms, or they can listen to a podcast.

There are lots of different ways in which people can consume information about your business, but we’re going to talk specifically about the 13 way reasons that you want to make sure that you have a blog that is a business.


People are going to be able to see your website and see all of the offerings that you offer.

Whether you are there to inspire,  or whether you have a product that you’re offering an ebook, a course, a membership or one on one services.

Your blog is going to create the visibility that you have that business so that when someone searches your name, your content is going to get pulled up.

Your blog will be there and then they will be able to see all all of the essential things that you offer them.


When someone can Google your name and your website comes up with all of the offerings and the content that is going to solve their problem, It is more credible than someone that they met in the parking lot of pickup line and they tell them that they’re a fitness instructor and can work one on one with them.

Whereas, if you are a fitness instructor that has a website and they google your name, they will find all of what you offer and the level of expertise that you have.

So it increases your credibility with someone that is going to want to potentially work with you because now that they can go through your content and figure out if you are the right person for them


Positioning is extremely important in this day and age.

You cannot simply create content that doesn’t include your voice, that doesn’t include where it is, how you’ve come to this point of understanding what you understand.

So going back to that fitness instructor, when you are able to explain your journey and provide them with storytelling that is going to give them an opportunity to connect with you.

That is going to make a huge difference compared to someone else that doesn’t have that.

So being able to create positioning for yourself. allows you to do that on your blog because you can create and infiltrate your content that answers a problem with stories and testimonials from people who you have helped.

Brand Authenticity

Your audience is not only going to be able to see your positioning but they’re going to be able to hear you.

One of the greatest things that happened to me when I had The Melrose Family, where I created quick and easy recipes and projects, was I walked into gymnastics to pick up my daughter and the girl behind the desk calls out my name  and says to me craziest thing.

“I was googling about finding apple pie cupcakes and I found this amazing recipe that looked gorgeous and I’m reading it and for some reason, all I could hear was your voice. It was like, I knew it was you.”

My voice and my brand authenticity came through in my writing. And that’s what you’re able to do with the blog.

It’s difficult to do that on social media when we all know social media is the highlight reel. You’re trying to do what’s trending. You’re trying to go viral.

You’re not doing that when you’re writing your content on a blog.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you create content and you’re doing keyword research prior to creating that content, it gives you an opportunity to get found when someone Googles your content.

So going back to that fitness instructor as an example, when that person creates content that is specific to helping increase energy levels in women over 40.

That might be the article that they are writing.

And if someone else that is their target audience is looking for the answer for that problem, their content could potentially come up because they use SEO in order to create that content.

It provides an opportunity to them to be seen as an authority on a topic that they are having an issue with, because now they can be found with Google.


Backlinks provide you the opportunity again even more so to be seen as that expert because it’s going to help improve your SEO and it’s also going to provide authority because now other sites are linking to you.

Therefore, it provides an opportunity for your article to be linked from someone else’s website to then be able to come to your website and find that you can answer that problem even more because someone else obviously linked to it and thought it was valuable as a writer.

It gives you that opportunity to have those backlinks where they’re going to link to your content because someone else sees you as an expert.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is getting someone onto your email list and having them become an email subscriber.

You have heard me time and time again, say that social media is rented property.

It is not something that you own.

You own your blog and email list.

You want to grow your email with the audience that is coming to you so that they will be return users coming back to your site and most likely if you offer a product or service, it’s going to give you an opportunity to offer them that product or service.

Increased Conversions

An example of increased conversions helps if you think about when you are using Instagram and you are in there and you are watching a reel and she’s going through and she’s showing you four different outfits that are perfect for summer beach wear as a coverup.

If you created that same content on your blog, they are are going to be four times as likely to take an action from your blog than they are from your social media content.

Think about how you use it. If you’re in line at Target and you get interrupted because you have to check out, you’re going to lose that reel and not go back to it to actually grab the outfit.

Whereas if you had Googled it and that article came up with those outfits, that stays there in that website.

It’s much easier for you to go back and find it and then be able to purchase those items, if they are an affiliate, they’d get a kickback.

If not, then you have just been inspired them with the content of what to wear.

Customer Journey

Not everyone that comes to us is going to be at the same level.

Maybe you’re a gardener and you speak to those that are very basic that are looking to just have a couple pretty flowers in pots out front, but you also speak to an audience that’s looking to plant some basic tomato plants, peppers, but basic vegetables.

That content is going to be different than the basic flower potting people.

Possibly those people will turn into that if you continue to have them on your email list and continue to grow and create a customer journey for them.

It’s part of their customer journey.

By having a blog, it provides an opportunity for them to see themselves in that with the content and meeting them at the level that they are at.

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is part of a blog that is a business.

A sales funnel gives you lead generation by offering an opt in in order for someone to come onto your list.

So a guide, something that’s free, it’s the beginning of the sales funnel.

They come in from there and then you’re able to offer them a smaller priced product that you offer like a tripwire product to then sell to them.

And then if you have another product beyond the tripwire that might be a bit more expensive or maybe it’s more commitment like a membership, that is part of the sales emails that then come.

But it continues to move them along the funnel of the plethora of potential products or services that you offer.

A blog gives you that opportunity to be able to do it because of the lead generation and the increased conversions that we’ve already talked about.

Content Consistency

A blog also gives you an opportunity to have content consistency.

It gives you a chance to to have the structure by creating content pillars so that you are known for something specific within your niche, as well as consistently putting out content and making sure that it is relevant and updated content so that if you have been doing this for a while, you’re able to go back and update something.

It’s relevant for now in case something has changed.

It gives you that chance to grow and to constantly be in front of them.

Once you have started that lead generation piece, where you’re growing your email list, by having content consistency, you are then able to email them with content that is older.

That may not be this month that you put it out, but it’s still relevant because it is about doing your vegetable garden and getting set up and we’re going into the spring and they need to be at that point.

Repurposing of Content

You can also use your blog as a way to to repurpose content that you may be starting from somewhere else.

For example, when I create my content, I start with a podcast episode.

That podcast episode then gets repurposed into the blog content, which then gets repurposed into email, as well as my social media platforms.

Therefore, the blog can provide you two ways in which to use the repurposing of content.

The first can be that you can take an audio or a video, so if you’re starting with YouTube, and create that blog that goes along with it.

Or you can have the blog as your written format and then you repurpose it out onto social media.

Influencer Entrepreneur

When you have a blog, you are more than a simple influencer that’s on social media. There are millions of those.

We saw everyone come to social media in crazy waves during COVID.

We can often feel like it’s saturated. It’s hard to stand out.

It’s not as easy to go viral. They’ve changed the algorithm.

There’s a lot of whining that goes along with that, right? And I understand it can be frustrating. But when you are an influencer Influencer entrepreneur with a blog it provides you with an opportunity to have a blog business.

It is not simply chasing pageviews or chasing the ability to go viral on social media.

You have a plan in place in order to grow your business and to monetize it.

If you are not figuring out ways that you are going to monetize, beyond one revenue stream, then you’re not a business.

The second that revenue stream gets a hit and takes a hit, your business can easily fold.

Therefore, when you are thinking about creating that blog and why are you doing this, It is so important that you think about the whole health of your business and the ways in which you are monetizing.

That is an influencer entrepreneur.


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