? What is Positioning in Business & How to Understand Yours

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Many bloggers start their blogs as a hobby and often need to go back and understand what is positioning in business and how can they find theirs.

Today we’re going break it down for you so that you can confidently find yours.

IE 314: What is Positioning in Business & How to Understand Yours

What is Positioning in Business & How to Understand Yours

If you haven’t listened to episode 312 we talked about the Business of Blogging.

I told you my story of where everything has come from, why I talk about what I talk about all the time on this podcast, which is making you as bloggers, think of yourselves as business owners because that is exactly what you are.

And when you start treating yourself that way, that’s when you start to scale.

You start to be able to see more income coming in, and you’re able to do more in your business for others because of that.

Last week we talked about making sure that if you haven’t already downloaded the workbook that goes along with my book Influencer Entrepreneurs that you make sure you do so.

Today we are going to work through the first piece of the pack framework from book, which is the four step process for building your audience, growing your business, and making money online.

What does positioning mean in business?

The purpose of positioning is to leverage how you are unique amongst your competitors and your industry.

You have to be able to figure out a way to stand out.

There are millions of blogs.

There are now tons and tons of influencers on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and all the different social media platforms that are likely to be established.

In 2020, when I first wrote my book, TikTok didn’t exist.

It wasn’t even a thing yet.

As we continue to move forward it, there are going to be other social media platforms that are going to bring newer, younger, and different types of influencers.

You have to know how to uniquely stand out.

And the only way you can do this is to figure out what makes you unique. Who are you?

Exercise for determining your positioning in business

Tell me your story.

I told you mine last week.

I talked to you about how I did door to door sales and how I then went back and got my teaching degree and taught in front of inner city school district kids where I dodged chairs rather than just having to dodge questions that I know the answers to.

Instead, I took my background of the door to door sales and education background, and here I am now teaching women how to influence rather than feeling like they are selling because that’s all that sales is.

Sales honestly is just being able to influence someone in a specific direction.

You make a connection with them.

They decide if they know, like, and trust you and then they decide to purchase or not.

Whether it is a cute coat or it is going to a different store or going to dinner, you influence your friends all the time, going out to dinner, finding the next movie that you want to watch together.

Husband or partner, you do the same thing to.

You’re influencing them all the time.

Think about it this way rather than feeling as if when you go to sell that you’re that sleazy car salesman, because that’s not what you are.

You’re just influencing them to find a different look for them or to find a unique DIY idea to be able to do in their house.

This is especially true if you have products and services, because if you have products and services, I guarantee you it is solving a problem for someone.

You have to know how you can position that.

So first and foremost, we are going  to start by positioning yourself.

What makes you unique?

I want you to write down your whole story.

Even the little bitty, bitty pieces about your family, your business, your educational background, everything comes together to make you who you are.

I can tell you this, I talk in the book about one of my former clients who was a homeschooling mom of nine kids that tried to tell me that she was like every other mom out there.

And I looked at her and I said, “Um, no. I can’t even imagine having nine kids and then having to homeschool them. You are like a superwoman to me. And on top of that, you can teach me how to budget and buy groceries for like $450 for the entire. Month for a family of 11. So we’re not the same. You are very unique.”

What sets you apart from everyone else?

I want you to write this in your workbook where it says that very first page says, Who are you? I want you to tell me your whole story.

I want you to tell me from your background, from your family, whatever you feel has impacted you as a person.

Inside my book, I talk about my background with being a college athlete.

I talk about the fact that I played basketball and field hockey in college.

I talked about how I’m only five foot four and as a basketball player that’s not tall.

It made me tougher though.

It forced me to understand the importance of hard work and a work ethic to improve your craft or sport.

I also talked about that in order for me to improve I need to travel and play against girls outside of my town which was difficult for me as an introvert.

It forced me at a young age to become more extroverted and to get past being such an introvert so that I could improve my skills and be around other people.

That’s part of my story.

That’s part of what made me into who I am today, and I want you to tell me that portion of your stories as well.

Go to your workbook and I want you to write down exactly who you are.

Action Steps:

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