? Why Blogging is Important: 8 Benefits of Blogging

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IE 334: Why Blogging is Important: 8 Benefits of Blogging

Why Blogging is Important: 8 Benefits of Blogging

  1. Increased Visibility
  2. Better Conversions
  3. Builds a Community
  4. Grows an Email List
  5. Builds a better Brand
  6. Increases SEO
  7. Monetization Opportunities
  8. Creative & Personal Growth

Increased Visibility

What exactly does increased visibility look like? It’s the actual process of you being found easier and sooner because you have an online blog.

It gets more eyes onto your content and onto what you are doing.

With increased visibility can often come a know, like and trust factor.

Better Conversions

Better conversions is people taking action on what it is that you are offering.

So if you are offering an opt-in, a freebee, or if you are offering a product or a service, then they are doing what you ask them to do.

Blog conversions compared to social media conversion is always much lower on social.

Those social media platforms want to keep those people on that platform.

Therefore, when you have a link to be able to click out to purchase something or buy something or opt into something, it doesn’t convert as well because it gets caught up in the algorithm.

People are not used to necessarily engaging with content that way, especially the way that Instagram has turned to pushing forth reels.

Consequently, you are going to have a better conversion rate on your website because you built that know, like, trust factor by increasing your visibility and having content that they are more likely to take action on.

Builds a Community

Another benefit of blogging is that it builds a community.

You will have people start to feel like they are part of the content and part of what it is that you are trying to solve for them.

When you start with the idea of what is the problem that I am trying to solve for my audience, your audience will see themselves in that and want to become part of your community.

They want to understand all that you offer because they see that you can answer the problem that they have.

Grows an Email List

One of the benefits of blogging is that you can grow an email list.

An email list is one of the most important ways that you can continue to grow because you own it.

Unlike social media where it is rented property. Someone else owns it. Someone else decides how the algorithm is going to work.

Someone else gets to decide when they want to shut it down or not shut it down.

And because of that you have to have that email list so that it is more likely, again, that the in conversion will increase because people are used to taking a form of action.

They’re used to seeing you in their inbox and wanting to know how you were going to continue to solve the problem.

Builds a Better Brand

Another benefit of blogging is it helps to build a better brand.

Blogging, not only can you have your brand out on social media with your logo and what you stand for and the problem that you solve, but when you can create a blog that has all of the content intertwining similar to a spider web so that you can continue to answer the problem that they have.

They are more likely to understand what your brand is and how you are going to take them on the journey that you are trying to take them on, to have that transformation and the problem solved for.

Increases SEO

A blog is also a benefit because it increases your SEO.

We have to start with the idea of understanding not only that problem that our audience has, but how are they looking into Google or Bing to figure out how to solve that problem.

What words are they putting into Google that you can write an article on in order to solve that problem for them? And that is your keyword research. That’s where your SEO comes in.

When you can keyword research what it is that your audience is looking for, and then write content that intertwines and builds that brand and keeps them on your website.

It is going to increase your SEO. It’s going to likely put you higher in the Google search results, the Bing results, so that when people are looking to solve their problem.

Monetization Opportunities

Another benefit of blogging is that you have monetization opportunities.

When I started blogging back in 2010, blogging wasn’t as well known for how you can monetize, but we now know there’s so many ways, which is why you always want to make sure you are solving the problem for your audience.

And by doing that, you create blog posts that are keyword researched and going to get them onto your email list so that you can offer them products and services that continue to help them with the problem.

So whether that is your own products or services, ebooks, courses, or digital product that you can create.

Affiliate marketing could also be a way to monetize.

Affiliate marketing could be a product that solves the problem for your audience that is from a bigger brand or another blogger.

As an example let’s say we have two homesteaders that are both bloggers. There is no reason that they couldn’t be an affiliate for the other homesteader if they had a course that was relevant for their audience.

Another way to monetize is via sponsored content.

It is another great way to get In front of your audience. So if they are looking for a certain type of goat fence for that homesteading audience, then you can have that bigger brand that has that and you write sponsored content for them.

And then of course, one of the other ways that you can monetize as you continue to grow your pageviews, you can monetize via ads and have an ad network that actually serves up ads that are relevant to the people coming to your content.

Creative & Personal Growth

The either benefit of blogging was actually one of the reasons that I started, and it was for that creative and personal growth.

When I first started my lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, back in 2010, I had a six month old and I had lost myself as a new mother, and I needed something that was a creative outlet.

By sharing my journey as a new mother that was learning to cook and appreciated the time that I had with my family, I was able to help others who were three steps behind me.

These are eight different ways that no matter how you came into blogging, they’re huge benefits that you can continue to grow and use to your advantage.

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