? IE 87: How to be an Effective Social Media Influencer

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I have done several episodes of the podcast where I talk specifically about how to use your influence on Instagram or how to be more successful on Facebook. In today’s episode, I am covering it all. That’s right, let’s talk about how to be a successful social media influencer.

IE 87: How to be an Effective Social Media Influencer

How to be an Effective Social Media Influencer

If you have ever heard me talk about social media influence, you already know that I am not a believer in the numbers game. We talked in episode 83 about how to monetize Instagram stories and how it is not necessary to have 10K followers to get started. Then, in episode 85, I covered the exact steps you need to take to become an IG influencer, even if you are still small.

Start with the Photos as a Social Media Influencer

When I first started blogging 9 years ago at The Melrose Family, I really didn’t understand how important this part was. Your photography has to tell a story.

If you are a food blogger and you want to post about an amazing grilled cheese sandwich you made, think about the best photo you could share that would tell the whole story of the sandwich. I can picture it…a browned, crispy, grilled cheese sandwich, cut in half and sitting on a beautiful plate, slightly pulled apart so that you can see the cheese melting out of the middle.

Maybe you are a DIY or craft blogger and you want to share a post about something you’re working on. You could do a flat lay with the items you used in the project beside the finished project itself.

Just remember, your photo has to tell the story behind it. Your followers should be able to know what you are trying to get across by the photo. And don’t forget to brand your photos; your followers should know your stuff by the colors and filters you use.

Expand on the Description as a Social Media Influencer

If your photo is the opening line of the story, your description is the main text.

Your description should hit on your follower’s pain points. You can use it to ask them a question. Whatever it might be, use the description to explain how you will solve their problem in the post you are linking to.

Your audience wants to identify with you, so the more you can share your own story through your description, the more they will feel like they know you. And the more they know you, the more they will trust you. Share your own frustrations so that your people can connect with you over shared life experiences.

What’s Your Purpose as a Social Media Influencer?

If you are a social media influencer, you have to have a purpose for every piece of content you create. You should be able to explain why you are creating the content you are creating.

Your content should be about something you are passionate about or something you are an expert in. What is your audience coming to you for? What things do they already see you as an expert on and want your help?

Remember, you are always trying to spin this big web around your audience. Everything you create is about them, for them, and meant to solve a problem that they face. This makes them want to come back to see what else you are offering.

Give a Call to Action as a Social Media Influencer

If I asked you what your call to action for your audience is, could you tell me?

Your call to action has to be something that creates engagement with your audience. Again, back to episode 83, I told you how just because you don’t have 10K followers on IG, so you don’t have the swipe-up feature, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in sponsored IG campaigns. It’s all about engagement.

You have to tell your audience what to do and how to do it. And listen to me carefully, it takes a minimum of 7 times before someone will take action on what you ask them to do. Did you hear that? 7 times! So, don’t give up if, after once, you don’t see engagement. Keep at it! Consistency is key.

Use Video Wisely as a Social Media Influencer

Video is the hottest thing going right now on every social media platform. But if you are going to use video, use it to develop that personal relationship with your audience.

Are you getting the big idea here that everything is about engagement and allowing your audience to get to know you? It’s true! And that’s exactly what video does. If you are a food blogger who has used the “hands and pans” videos in the past, it’s time to show your face.

Are you sharing a recipe for a family favorite that your grandmother made? Before you show how to make it, tell your audience the story behind it. Give them a chance to get to know that personal side of you and to make that connection.

Interact with Others as a Social Media Influencer

While getting engagement on your own content is great, you also want to engage with others on their content.

If someone comments on your IG post, go to their page and interact with them on one of their posts. Go through your feed and interact with those people, brands, and companies you love by leaving them comments or sending them DM’s. This is just another way to let people get to know you better and to see that you aren’t just posting and running.

Listen, I know that some of you feel like you don’t have time to be on social media and to do all the things. But if you want to be a social media influencer…if you want to get sponsored post campaigns…you have got to do what it takes. Social media is part of your job! So just accept that fact and do your best. Be sure to save your seat for the Master Class on Attracting your Dream Sponsors!

Here’s your challenge for today-

Go talk to your audience. Share your life with them. Tell them what you value. Create stories, write blog posts, make a video. Whatever method you choose, get engaged with your audience today.

Action Steps:

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