? Social Media Detox Benefits as a Business Owner

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As an influencer a social media detox seems unreasonable, but when you unearth the benefits of a social media detox you may notice a change in your position.

IE 294: Social Media Detox Benefits

Social Media Detox Benefits

In episode 292, Setting Social Media Boundaries as a Business Owner, we talked about the importance of setting boundaries for both your mental health and the health of your family.  

Today we’re going to dive deeper into the benefits of a social media detox, but before we do I want you to understand that you define the boundaries of the detox.  

It doesn’t have to be a complete detox where there’s absolutely no social media at all. 

You can slowly wean yourself from certain platforms and watch your stats to determine if it is impacting your business.  

Understanding who your audience is and which platforms they use for the content that you produce is important to factor in when determining which platforms to start with.

Better Understanding of your ROI on Platforms

We know that there’s lots of different social media platforms that we use. 

We use Tik TOK and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and maybe even Snapchat.

You have to understand the benefits of each platform to your business.

What is the ROI? 

When you initially start to think about doing a detox, look  where your traffic comes from.

The platforms that you do not see any traffic from or engagement are the platforms to potentially stop and have the detox from first. 

Then I would move on to the more of the platforms where I’m trying to determine if it’s tied to my traffic, the engagement that I have. What does that actually look like?

If you are an Instagram influencer and you’re making the bulk of your income from sponsored content on Instagram then I am not telling you to do a complete detox.

You need to be able to look at this from your ROI, but where else are you potentially spending time that isn’t beneficial for you.

When you do a detox from certain platforms it gives you a better understanding of who you’re people are and which platform they are using while looking for the type of content that you actually produce. 

Your audience might be 24 year old moms and they’re on Tik TOK, but they’re watching videos that are mindless. 

They’re not necessarily going to Tik Tok to watch a video about how to DIY. 

Are they actually using the platform for the content that you produce? 

And if they’re not, then your content may not be the best fit for it. 

Improved Focus

You will have improved focus. 

You are not going to be flitting around like a butterfly or like a squirrel as many of us like to say chasing after one idea after the other.

The little things are what is distracting us on social media. 

Essentially this flitting is hurting your business in the long run, because it’s taking you a lot longer to do certain things. 

It also will improve focus in the way in which some of us drag our feet when it comes to creating content for social.

When it comes to creating those beautiful photos or creating a free meal or whatever it is, could your time be better spent creating content that your people are going to consume on those particular platforms? 

This is why it’s so important to understand how your people are consuming your content or looking for the problem that you solve.

Less Triggered

You are less triggered because you’re not being constantly infused with new information.

Whether that is a sponsored post that is coming in from a brand on Facebook, that now all of a sudden you’re seeing.

For example, an ad for a weight loss program that could potentially be great for you, but you weren’t even initially thinking about that and now it’s forced into your brain as something else to think about.

Or you might fall into the comparison trap, where you go back and forth and see others with their beautiful home and their wonderful well-behaved kids in their clean homes and you wonder where you went wrong.

Is that triggering you? 

Is it making you have less peace in your own life? 

We’re so worried about others that we get triggered. 

Unfortunately, it’s easier to take out our frustration on our families, with our kids, with our husbands, with our significant other, with our partners. 

Understanding the benefits of a social media detox should have you wondering how to do a social media detox and we’re covering that soon.


Action Steps:

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