? SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide

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There is nothing quite like standing out for a brand.  They want to work with you and seek you out because they know you are going to produce authentic content that highlights their brand.  SnapChat Marketing for Brands takes it one step further by creating an out-of-the-box idea to present as a piece of an influencers toolbox.

SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide

Not sure how SnapChat fit into your marketing plan? Not to worry! My SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide gives you a step-by-step tutorial as well as a video tutorial to take your business to the next level.

I have to admit that I was extremely hesitant to jump on board with SnapChat last year.  I was overwhelmed enough with all of my social media channels and I just did not want to add one more thing to the laundry list of things that I do for my site on a daily basis.

In stepped my ever hip and business savvy, sister-in-law who literally took me by the hand and stated, “It’s not that hard.  Just hold the button down dum-dum.”  We might have a had a cocktail or two at this time so I giggled through messing it up multiple times, but soon found myself loving it.  SnapChat is my freedom!  I know that sounds crazy, but as a blogger I found myself often boxed into a corner as far as what I can share.  People don’t want to see my messy house or my kids swimming every five seconds.  Now I even get to share stories about how I slipped in our puppy’s pee and bashed my knee.

As an influencer you need to have a marketing strategy though.  Otherwise, at least in my mind, I could and should be doing something else that I can see some ROI on.  Part of my strategy as an influencer is to work with brands. Last week I posted How to Make Money as an Influencer and in it I shared my 9-Point Pitch Checklist, which pointed out that it was necessary to show brands what you do for them that no one else could.  Recently I also released my 10 Day Pitch Perfect Challenge.  You can join in HERE.


10 Day Pitch Perfect Challenge

Here’s my memorable piece of my proposal to brands–SnapChat Marketing for Brands

If you’re not on SnapChat yet then I highly recommend reading this Beginner’s Guide to SnapChat by Mashable.  Be sure to follow me on SnapChat as MelroseFamily as well.  The memories feature that I talked about in the video above was only developed the first week of July 2016 so it’s not included in the beginner’s guide.  In my opinion, the memories feature on SnapChat makes it a marketing tool for all influencers to exploit.  You can now take a 10 second video that usually disappears in 24 hours and compile it with other videos and save it.  Once you save it you can share it across social media and use it as you wish.

You’ll find the memories option on SnapChat within the opening screen where you would take a photo of video.  It’s a small circle just below the camera button.  If your memories screen is empty then you can go to your camera roll and choose which videos and pictures you want added to your memories.

If you click the check mark in the upper right hand corner you can then scroll through the saved pictures and video and touch them to compile them.

Once you have selected the videos and pictures that you want to compile into a story, click the icon down at the bottom that is a circle with a plus sign.  This will create a story that is now saved directly into your memories.

You can choose to share this compiled story to your live story {timeline} or download it to use in the future.  In order to download or share it, click the check mark up top again and select the story that you just created.  Down at the bottom you’ll see an arrow pointing up with a box underneath it.  Click that icon to get all of your options for sharing.  To share to your story or timeline as I prefer to call it, instead of clicking the arrow coming out of a box, click the arrow in the far right hand corner.  You’ll then have the option who to share it with.  If you hit story then anyone that follows you will see it.

Video is definitely here and now.  There is no denying it and if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to jump on board and get your feet wet then SnapChat is the way to do it.  Happy snapping!
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