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The Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast

Check your doubts at the door because this is YOUR time. The time to smash your biggest challenges, crush your income goals and transform your business into the unstoppable force it’s meant to be. Jenny helps you get there faster with expert training that maximizes your growth potential using proven success strategies. Whether it’s how to attract your dream sponsor, create a business plan or make your live broadcast go viral, you’ll find it tackled by the Influencer Entrepreneur Podcast.   

Join us LIVE!  Podcasts are recorded live every Tuesday at 11am EST on the Jenny Melrose Facebook Page, join us and you could be on the show!

Making Sales as a Small Business

In this episode, we are talking about making sales. You may be wondering why you need to make sales. Making sales might seem silly to you, because you’re trying to have an influence on people, or maybe making sales just makes you feel icky.  I want to make you feel...

Product Launch Process

Putting a product or service out into the world is scary, but having a product launch process can alleviate some of the stress. IE 138: Product Launch Process with Mai-Kee Tsang Today I am so excited to be talking to Mai-kee Tsang about the product launch process....

Discovering Your Purpose

Discovering your purpose as a business owner can lead to a passion that inspires you, but also your audience. Today I'm diving into how to find that purpose and providing you with specific examples of how other business owners are using their purpose to inspire them....

What is a Lead Magnet?

As an influencer or service provider have you wondered, "What is a lead magnet that will attract my ideal audience?" If so, today we're taking a deep dive into it. IE 136: What is a Lead Magnet for Influencers and Service Providers? I know that most of you have heard...

How to Become a Travel Influencer

In order to become a travel influencer you need to know the strategic steps on how to become a travel influencer so that destinations want to work with you. IE 135: How to Become a Travel Influencer as a Blogger or Micro Influencer Today we are going to be talking...

Marketing Your Business

An on air coaching call with Nicole Saunders of Saunders Say and Leisure & Leashes that dives deep into marketing your business as an influencer, blogger or podcaster. IE 134: Marketing Your Business: On Air Coaching Call with Nicole Saunders of Saunders Says and...


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