? Podcast 6: Pivoting towards Profit with Nicole Culver: Influencer Entrepreneurs

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Pivoting towards Proft

IE006: Pivoting towards Profit with Nicole Culver


In order to be a profitable online business, entrepreneurs need to have a mindset where they are not afraid to PIVOT towards a new activity.

Are you a small business owner trying to find your way to become a profitable small business?  We’re diving deep into the importance of pivoting towards profit in ways that you might not think right away.

Nicole Culver of NicoleCulver.com, Blissful Bites Podcast and Blissful Eats snack company is showing the importance of knowing your strengths and being able to find a profit from them.  Whether it is from previous work experience or personality strengths, Nicole shares with us how to pivot towards them to make a profit.

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