? Podcast 12: Creating a Product for a Targeted Audience

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Creating a Product for a Targeted Audience

IE 12: Creating a Product for a Targeted Audience with Chrystal Rose of Rebellia Clothing

Creating a Product for a Targeted Audience

Launching a product online is scary, but launching a physical product brings scary to a whole other level.  In order to successful launch a product, you absolutely need to have a targeted audience that wants and needs the product.

I’m chatting with Chrystal Rose of RebelliaClothing.com and HeyLittleRebel.com about her journey to launching her own clothing brand that puts fashion first when it comes to apparel for the for the physically fit.


Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction of Chrystal Rose of RebelliaClothing.com and HeyLittleRebel.com
  • Explanation of Hey Little Rebel’s metamorphosis as a lifestyle site with fitness and wellness emphasis
  • Most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur – No template!
  • Greatest strength as an entrepreneur – being resourceful
  • Importance of knowing whether is a need for a product before creating it
  • Rebellia Clothing as a fashion line for the physically fit.
  • Projections for 2017
  • Timeline of Rebellia Clothing launch

Resources Mentioned:

I make a portion of any sales made as an affiliate.

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