? Podcast 10: Affiliate Monetization via Pinterest with Addi Ganley

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Affiliate Monetization via Pinterest with Addi Ganley

Affiliate Monetization via Pinterest with Addi Ganley


Affiliate Monetization via Pinterest

Have you monetized via affiliate marketing yet?  Affiliate marketing is something that I struggled with for the longest time until I took Addi Ganley’s free email course, Affiliate Blueprint.  She is here today to dive into Affiliate Monetization with Pinterest.

Addi Ganley of AddiGanley.com and FrugalFanatic.com has grown her businesses via Pinterest.  All while monetizing there as well.  Her understanding of affiliate marketing and how simple she makes it all seem in an authentic, non-salesy way is a breath of fresh air.  She’s even offering a limited time video training for my audience.

Plus be sure to enroll in her FREE email course Affiliate Blueprint!


Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction of Addi of AddiGanley.com and FrugalFanatic.com
  • Toughest thing about being a blogger
  • How Frugal Fanatic came to be
  • Importance of starting out on WP
  • What did you find worked best for your business
  • Diversification of income
  • Explanation of Pinaffiliate
  • Why Pinterest
  • How to handle Pinterest with two different businesses
  • How to create pinnable images that solve a problem and are authentic
  • Minimum calls to action within an article
  • Elements of Pinaffiliate Master Class
  • Projections for 2017

Resources Mentioned:

I make a portion of any sales made as an affiliate.

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