? IE 74: Mindset Crap that You Need to Stop as an Influencer

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What do I mean by mindset crap? I am talking about those things you need to get past so that you can take your side hustle full-time. Let’s hit 7 of them today…

IE 74: Mindset Crap that You Need to Stop

Mindset Crap You Need to Stop #podcast

Mindset Crap #1: Yes, You Do Have Time

The very first thing you need to stop doing is saying that there’s not enough time in the day. Look, I know that you’re busy. Maybe you work full-time or you have little ones at home. I understand that the amount of time you have to focus on your blog or social media is limited.

But instead of constantly reinforcing the mindset that we don’t have enough time, we need to start focusing on the time we do have. Take a hard look at your days and see where you have an extra 30 minutes, or even an hour, and take those precious minutes back.

If your kids go to bed early, can you spend an hour just scheduling posts to social media or loading up your Tailwind?

When you stop saying you don’t have time and begin to look for it, you will be shocked at how the time seems to just open up before your eyes.

Mindset Crap #2: Stop It with the Comparisons Already

I feel like a broken record on this one because I tell you guys all.the.time. to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers and online business owners.

I know how it is; you’re scrolling Instagram or Facebook and all you see are these gorgeous photos of people’s perfect vacations or their perfect homes. But guess what? You aren’t that person! Shocker, right?

Listen, if you have young children or a full-time job, you aren’t at the stage of life where you can jet off to Hawaii or have a House Beautiful home. Your days look totally different than the person who blogs full-time and has sponsored travel campaigns.

The day may very well come when you can have childcare for a few days while you go to a conference or travel for a brand. But if today isn’t that day, then stop thinking less of what you do as compared to that person.

P.S. – Just because a post says #ad doesn’t mean that their trip was paid for. They may have received a product or monetary compensation but not a free trip. Don’t make assumptions. Remember what your mother told you about assuming things.

Mindset Crap #3: You Are NOT an Impostor

Do you ever say things to yourself like, “Why would anybody even read my blog? Why would anybody listen to me? Who cares what I think?” If so, you, my friend, have impostor syndrome.

Each one of us has a unique perspective. I don’t do things the way you do them and the big blogger that you think has it all together does things completely different from both of us. No market is so flooded that there isn’t room for your perspective.

If you want to create a product that already exists in some form or that can be found free in pieces, you need to go right ahead and create it. There are people who want your perspective, who want to hear what you have to say and they are willing to pay for it.

Mindset Crap #4: Cut Out the Negative Self-Talk

If you spoke to others the way you speak to yourself, would you have any friends? Would people want to be around you?

I get it. You have a big dream or a big goal and when things don’t play out the way you thought they would, you’re disappointed. And then you get down on yourself.

Instead of feeling like, and calling yourself, a failure, you need to look at what really happened. What tweaks do you need to make to your goal? What can you do differently? Instead of telling yourself, “Your blog posts suck, your recipes are horrible, and your photographs look like a kindergartener took them”, you have got to speak positively to yourself.

If you won’t change your self-talk for you, do it for your kids. Do you want your kids saying the same things about themselves that you say about yourself? If you think you look fat in a dress and you say it out loud, what do you think your daughters are going to say about themselves?

If you aren’t happy with something in your personal life or in your business, get off your butt and fix it. Take the initiative to do something about it. Don’t just sit in your mess. Clean it up.

Mindset Crap #5: Go Ahead and Fail. I Dare You.

Tell me, what’s the worst that can happen if you fail?

If I had been so afraid to fail that I had never started my business, I would still be back in New York, teaching in the inner city schools and absolutely hating my life. I wouldn’t be able to spend time with my girls or be there when they needed me.

If you are waiting to launch something until it’s perfect, you aren’t living. Life is all about taking risks and if you fail, you fail. The important thing is to learn from the failures. You will never be 100% in everything you do so accept that fact and do something, whether it’s perfect or not.

The key to failing gracefully is accountability. You need other people who can look at what you’ve got and help you define the problems from an objective viewpoint. I can guarantee you that every blogger has experienced failure but only the ones who have a support network learn from it and go on to create bigger and better things.

Mindset Crap #6: A Little More Grace Please

When is the last time you just gave yourself some grace?

When you are having a hard day and nothing seems to be going right, take a look in the mirror. Think about where you started and how far you’ve come. Think of all the knowledge you’ve gained in the time you’ve been blogging.

Here’s a little experiment to try the next time you’re needing to remember what makes you so awesome – ask a few friends that aren’t bloggers if they know how bloggers make money. Just sit back and listen to their answers.

And when you walk away from that conversation, pat yourself right on the back because you are so smart! Think of how much you know. Think of what all you could teach those friends of yours about online marketing. If you started to tell them all of the ways to make money online, they would think you were a genius. Claim that for yourself.

Mindset Crap #7: Stop Chasing the Shiny Objects

Every single day, you can find something new and amazing to get into. There is no shortage of new products, courses, websites, and tools that are just sure to show you how to 10x your business in a week.

I want you to do something simple – but not easy. I want you to relax. Take in the information that you need from a source you have decided to trust and then don’t worry about the rest. You don’t have to chase every new idea and every big amazing update.

This doesn’t only apply to fun stuff. This also applies to fear tactics. How many of you have fallen victim to the fear-mongering about the GDPR? How many articles have you read about it? How many courses have you purchased to figure out what to do about it? And do you feel more secure? I doubt it.

Find your people to trust and follow them. Listen to their take and then decide what you’re going to do. If you want a couple of recommendations, I trust Kate Ahl when it comes to all things Pinterest and Jasmine Star for Instagram. And you know you can count on me to share truth without stirring up a frenzy.

If you recognize yourself in anything I shared in this episode and you want some accountability to start working your way toward a more positive mindset, be sure to check out my mastermind program.

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