? How You can Achieve Your Goals: 3 Principles You Must Master

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We set goals because we want to achieve something that we have never achieved before, but in order to do that you need know how you can achieve your goals and we’ve got three principles for you that will help you achieve them.

IE 307: How You can Achieve Your Goals: 3 Principles You Must Master with Tee Forever

How you can achieve your goals: 3 principles you must master with Theresa Forever

Our guest’s name today is Theresa Forever.

Theresa helps struggling goal-getters to become real life trail blazers.

Basically helping these people become the first person that you know in real life to pursue your goals and to live a life with purpose.

Why is it important to set goals?

We set goals because we want to achieve something that we have never achieved before, we want to experience something we’ve never experienced before.

So the goals give us a new standard, it sets up a new normal for us to create in our life or in our business.

This is why goals are so powerful, Theresa was recently reading a study and it revealed that in our society, when we set goals, we make the society better as a whole.

Because we are inspiring each other to pursue more, to be better and to grow.

When you see your neighbor doing something that they haven’t before or haven’t achieved before, you’re inspired to do the same.

Goals are the most powerful thing we can begin to practice in our day to day life, if we’re serious about growing and getting better and evolving as an individual.

What types of goals should we be setting?

When it comes to the type of foals to set it all boils down to your life vision..

So what do you see for yourself? What do you want for yourself? Are you in business? If you are in business you need business goals, right?

It all depends on your life vision, but generally speaking, everybody needs personal development goals..

How do I want to grow this quarter? 

We often think of goals as “oh over this year I want to get to X,Y,Z”, but if we broke it down and said “by the end of 90 days, the kind of person I want to be is X,Y,Z”.

You find that you accomplish it a lot faster and it’s a lot easier because you’re not trying to do everything to get it done, you’re focusing on the top producing things that will get you there the fastest.

What are the 3 principles we have to master to achieve our goals?

Three foundational principles that we all get to master as we become better at achieving our goals : first, we all get to embody the characteristics, perspectives, beliefs, and understandings.

This kind of person who produces this result already has before they get to that result.

With that, the principle has to do with beginning, with the end in mind, you know where you’re going and now you’re going to embody that way of being able to create that result.

The second principle that we get to embody is the principle of doing the thing, actually taking action, because we can sit down with visions and sing kumbaya and have this amazing experience within ourselves, feel all the emotions and get excited about it.

Until we actually take the action and are consistent in that action, the only way we do that is by becoming the kind of person who is consistent.

So when we practice the principle of being in action, there’s a law that says something in motion stays in motion, and something at rest stays at rest.

If all we’re doing is becoming the person and getting ready to get ready and prepare ourselves, but we never actually go out and take the steps, we’re not putting the goal into motion.

We want to be the kind of people who are constantly in motion.

The third principle to master is having to learn how to actually receive, when we get the results, celebrate the result, and understand that you’ve arrived.

This was the thing you were going to do and now you’ve done it, take a moment to pause and say “yes, I did it”.

How often should we revisit our goals to measure progress?

 Every 90 days Theresa has a big meeting with herself where she looks at what happened, did she hit it? Did she not?

She also likes to track it every week because the 90 day goal is her annual check in.

Every week she has activities that help her to know whether she’s on track to hit that goal.

For example, her goal is to hit those goals every week, there is a certain amount of leads she gets every week.

There’s a certain amount of enrollments that she’s getting a certain amount of engagement that she’s stirring up every week.

She tracked to see if she hit that 100,000 dollar goal weekly and asked herself if she fulfilled that commitment.

If she didn’t she wouldn’t beat herself up about it.

It all helps her be more practical about her goals, asking herself if she’ll hit it and if she doesn’t she can adjust and picot based on a new decision or making a new commitment.

Theresa walks you through mastering your inner game by learning how to do the inner work that helps you to get the outer result or the outer experience.

You learn how to how to manage your thoughts, how to present so that when you’re taking action towards your goal, you’re actually aware of what’s going on.

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