? How to Use Intuition in Your Business with Danya Douglas Hunt

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Intuition can play a factor in your business, but it’s a major factor when you understand how to use intuition in your everyday business.

IE 319: How to Use Intuition in Your Business with Danya Douglas Hunt

How to use intuition with Danya Douglas Hunt

On today’s episode we have special guest Danya Douglas, Danya is a high-performance mindset coach to primarily six-seven-figure entrepreneurs.

She helps entrepreneurs learn how to master their mind, regulate their nervous system to help them reach their goals with ease and fulfillment.

Danya is a former Olympic athletic therapist and strength coach turned high-performance mindset coach. 

In the past she used to travel the world, working with athletes, primarily focusing on physical autonomy, so basically helping them with recovering from injuries and performance based strength and conditioning.

What is intuition?

Intuition is one of the higher faculties in your subconscious mind, we primarily have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.

In short, our conscious mind is more around our logical, rational thinking, our critical thinking.

It is responsible for our research staff between .5% and 5% of everything we do in our life.

Our subconscious mind houses our intuition as one of our higher faculties, it houses our identity, values, beliefs, long-term memory, imagination, reactions and our habits.

Our subconscious mind is responsible for 95-99% of everything we do in our life.

So to give someone some grounding context, you’re listening to us on a podcast but your body is also taking care of itself at the same time.

So your intuition is a higher faculty housed in the subconscious mind that’s uncontrollable.

Intuition is actually something that’s processing of distinct information, instead of it being analytical and reasoning, it’s using our senses and so much more information that we can’t see to help us make decisions.

Our subconscious mind really helps us process information at a different level, we have different ways of processing information, the critical, logical thinking. 

What are some examples of intuition?

Everyone has intuition first and foremost, and it’s a matter of how we can tap in and start listening to how our intuition responds to us.

So if you think of intuition as a different way of making decisions, it’s a deeper understanding, it’s taking in all the information around you.

It’s happening at a hyper-speed level when you just think of it as making decisions.

So anytime you’re making a decision in business, you’re using intuition if you choose to listen to it.

Remember, our conscious mind is logical, rational and is always thinking, it’s very critical, but it’s only part of the .55%.

So most of us operate from our conscious mind when making decisions.

Intuition comes up differently for everyone and it speaks differently, sometimes it’s an image, sometimes a physical sensation.

Or it can be an inner feeling that you’re annoying right away.

If entrepreneurs grasp this, it’s just a way of making decisions, a place that has a ton of information that you probably don’t remember or recall from that’s happening into all different types of senses and energy.

We all have our five senses, but there are variances. Some people don’t see the same colors, some people don’t smell like others smell.

Most of us operate our lives from our conscious mind and our five physical senses.

But there’s more stuff going on, how do we know that? There’s music playing that we’re not tuned into because we don’t have a rate to tap into that frequency, that energy right?

There are dogs who can smell things way more sensitively and are way more aware of certain things.

So there we have our five senses, but our intuition is tapping at this greater source of energy and whatever senses that are happening in the subconscious.

How can we best utilize intuition to grow our businesses?

It’s easier to use someone else’s intuition and it’s because of all the information that’s coming towards you.

A huge part of what Danya does with entrepreneurs is learning how to quiet that ego or conscious mind.

When you recognize that your brain’s job is to keep you safe and to protect you and predict what’s gonna happen right then and there.

As entrepreneurs, we can say well hold on, that’s not helpful in growing my business if it’s meant to keep me safe and meant to protect me.

It’s meant to predict what’s happening.

As entrepreneurs, we’re always doing things that we don’t know how to do, we’re just figuring it out, stretching ourselves.

We’re growing and growth to the brain is a threat, it’s change and it doesn’t like change.

So, when we can learn how to understand and master the mind first, realize what it’s doing, recognize that when we’re making decisions and choices, you’re naturally going to have those fears, worries, and doubts.

When you’re detached and it’s not your own business, it’s easy for you to see what that person needs to do because they’re not in their fear.

When you’re not attached to that you’re looking up from the outside in, it’s like it’s obvious where they need to go.

Because you’re not having that lens of limiting beliefs, fears, worries, the brain and the body because there’s change happening.

When you first understand the role of the mind in that sense and that it’s based on protection not fear.

As entrepreneurs, we’re always doing things that we don’t know or we’re growing and changing.

When you can learn how to quiet that mind and see it for what it is, you then get to have the space to actually listen to that inner-knowing.

Are there exercises that we can do that are scientifically proven to help use our intuition?

Things such as meditation, getting present to the physicality that’s around me.

There’s a lot of ways you can tap into this sensation, but find what works best for you. 

Is it waking up a bit early and taking five deep breaths and just laying in bed to ground yourself?

Everyone’s schedule’s busy but finding what works for you is the biggest thing, and then figuring out a way to take the first step.

If you’re interested in doing meditation to quiet the mind, start with a minute, just start building a habit versus trying to go into this 20-minute-long thing.

Can you quiet your mind through yoga, playing sports, or a walk in nature? 

Or can you quiet your mind through just sitting still having coffee in the morning, tapping into your body?

There’s no right or wrong way to do that, it’s just finding what’s going to work out well for you and setting an intention that okay “I’m going to use this time to be intentional and quiet and listen”

Over time just like a muscle it gets stronger with repetition, everyone’s intuitive, most of us don’t take the time to practice it or tap into it.

Biggest thing is just starting and finding something easy you can stick to.

A great place to start is to help people get clarity of if they are building the right path, are they doing what they love, are they creating the life they want?

It’s all about conscious creation versus autopilot, a lot of people operate on default autopilot and do the same thing over and over again.

They lose touch with consciously creating the life that they want.

So it’s just going to give you some prompts, a visualization to help you understand where you’re at.

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