? Unlock the Secrets on How to Grow Your Blog in 2023

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IE 346: Unlock the Secrets on How to Grow Your Blog in 2023

Unlock the Secrets on How to Grow Your Blog in 2023

How do I increase my blog’s traffic?

The first piece to unlocking the secrets is to grow grow your blog is our traffic.

Now, when we’re looking to do this, the first place we have to start is keyword research.

A lot of people, including me, make the mistake of trying to work backwards, where they’re creating the content and then trying to put keyword research in and implement these keywords within the content that’s already written.

If you’re updating content, that’s one thing, but moving forward and creating new content is another thing.

You want to start with your keyword research.

I want you to look at the content that you create and look at the pillars of content.

So if you’re a nutritionist, what are the things that would be considered your pillars?

Probably the foods that you eat, the way in which you take care of yourself mentally, so self-care.

Then potentially also the amount of sleep that you get, and then also maybe one of the principles that you really talk about is the exercise.

So those would be four pillars of content that you would start to think about what are the problems that my people have within that?

If we’re looking at the idea of exercise, who is your target market?

Who is it that you’re trying to speak to?

Think about the problems that they have and look to see what the keyword research is.

What is the volume on those terms?

And what you will find is when you do that keyword research prior to a specific problem, you’re going to find other problems that are connected with more content for you to continue to create.

In order to increase your blog traffic, you need to be thinking about the problems that your people are searching for in Google and do that keyword research.

How can I improve my blog’s search engine ranking?

If you already have content created, we want to be able to increase our search engine ranking with the content that we already have, you want to take a look at Google Search Console, and see what terms you are already ranking for, which posts and see if you can’t improve them.

Update them and see what else is ranking ahead of you and look to see if you can make some improvements by answering more questions, being more thorough.

How can you improve that article to make it better and to improve in the rankings?

That is one of the ways that you can definitely make sure that you are being one, found by your ideal people, but then also continuing to have content out there that is going to already have some traffic potentially on it.

And authority because it’s been out there a little bit longer.

You’re just updating it

What are the best ways to promote my blog?

What we really want to start to think about is once we have the content out there, how can we actually promote it so that it continues to grow your blog.

Many people, especially when we’re bloggers, we have a tendency to think that social media is going to be my answer and it’s not.

I want you to actually start with the idea of growing your email list.

When you grow your list with the proper audience your giving them something in exchange for their email address, and then you email them when you have new content to continue to engage with them.

That is how you will increase your readership and have returned readers coming back to you.

Think about promoting your content via your email list and then start to look towards social media as we continue to be found more with social media.

If you already have been found by those.

People are just continuing to get to know you better.

What types of content should I be creating to attract more readers?

When you’re looking at the types of content to actually create you really again are going to want to go to those pillars.

Think about the key pillars of content that you are going to create, that you’re going to want to be known for.

Do the keyword research.

Make sure that your people are getting their questions answered and problems solved.

If you are only putting up content where you are willy-nilly just kind of throwing spaghetti up against the wall, they are not going to understand what you are known for, what problems you can solve for them.

How do I engage with my audience and build a community around my blog?

You do not own these social media platforms, so you have to always be keeping that in mind as you continue to try to build that community around your blog.

You can use social media to really continue to have that engagement with your audience, although it’s not going to be the sole purpose of finding new people.

Social media is meant to continue to engage with them, get questions answered, be able to have conversations in dms so that they feel more of a connection with you and are more likely to take action on the content that you are offering them. Whether that is a product, a service, or if it’s simply clicking links to go read an article.

You need to really be thinking about how you can improve your trust factor with your audience.

That is the way that you should be using social media.

Not for the purpose of trying to drive traffic to your blog, but more to, increase that engagement with your audience so that they do feel like they are ready to take action with something that you offer.

Should I be using social media to promote my blog, and if so, which platforms are best?

I really want to emphasize the fact that with social media, the first thing that you have to think about is, is my audience here?

Are they on this actual platform and then decide if it is best for the type of content that you create.

Yes, you may have an audience that’s on TikTok, but are they going to TikTok to learn how to become better in the kitchen or are they going to TikTok to be amused?

Really think about not only is your audience there, but are they consuming your content there, because if they’re not, that would be a place that I would not recommend necessarily to spend your time.

I would recommend get on a platform that is going to make sure that it is going to grow your readership.

Your email list, your blog traffic, because those are the things that you own.

You do not own these social media platforms, so you have to always be keeping that in mind as you continue to try to build that community around your blog, you can use social media to really continue to have that.

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