? How to Create Video Content that Sells with Breonna Queen

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If you have been hesitant to step into creating video for your business, I think today’s episode will convince you that the time is now to create video content. As we head into 2022, video will be more critical than ever. 

IE 249: How to Create Video Content that Sells with Breonna Queen

How to Create Video Content that Sells with Breonna Queen

But creating video content isn’t enough; you need to create video content that sells. And my guest today will teach you how to do that. 

Breonna Queen is an award-winning content creator, and she teaches entrepreneurs how to create video that showcases their personality, and that sells. 

I love Breonna’s “getting started” story. She set up a social media consulting business. To help one of her clients optimize his YouTube channel, Breonna started her own YouTube channel, strictly for research purposes. 

7+ million views and over 85K subscribers later, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Which Social Media Platform Is Best for Video Content?

If you haven’t been creating video, which platform should you start with? Breonna says it depends. 

She has clients who are killing it on TikTok, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. 

Part of it depends on who your audience is. The client who is seeing great success on LinkedIn is a resume writer. The TikTok star? She’s a friendship coach. And the YouTube lover creates primarily evergreen content. 

We always talk about finding your audience and where they hang out, and this is no different. If your audience is older, LinkedIn or Facebook might be your best platforms. Is your audience much younger? TikTok is where they are. 

Your first order of business is figuring out where your people are and focusing on creating video content for them where they already are. 

How to Make Your Video Content Interesting

I’ll be honest, when Breonna talked about resume video content on LinkedIn, I winced. I can’t imagine watching that. But I’m not the audience for it. 

If you want to create video content that sells, you have to grab your audience’s attention. 

Breonna says you begin with intention. Ask yourself what you want your video to accomplish. 

Do you want it to be-

  • Inspiring?
  • Educational?
  • Empowering?

When you begin by knowing what you’re trying to accomplish, you can lay your content out in a  way that grabs the attention of your target audience and makes them want to watch the rest. 

It’s also important (even if you’re a lawyer and you’re doing personal injury video content or a professional creating LinkedIn video on writing a better resume) that you add your personality to your video. The way to keep an audience interested in your content is by letting them get to know you. 

Do You Need Separate Video Content for Different Platforms?

One of the things Breonna talked about is how much time you have to hook your viewer. She used to say 15 seconds, but on IG, where a Reel is only 15 seconds total, you have only 2-3 seconds to get the viewer to commit. 

So what does this mean for creating video content for multiple platforms? Do you have to start over for each one? 

Breonna says no. 

She is a huge fan of repurposing her video content. If she creates a long-form YouTube video, she can get a transcription and turn that into a blog post. She can pull snippets and create IG Reels or Stories. She even creates ads from her longer videos by pulling snippets. 

Breonna suggests focusing on one or two platforms and working on getting better and better at creating video content for them before you move on to more. 

What If You’re an Introvert?

I knew my audience would be asking this question if they could talk to Breonna, so I made sure to get her thoughts on it. I’m an introvert, and I know a lot of bloggers tend to be introverts as well. 

Breonna admitted that she is also an introvert, and people ask her how she can be so comfortable on video. 

Her strategy is to take herself out of the equation. 

She no longer focuses on how she looks on video or if she hates the way she sounds. She asks herself a straightforward question: “Who needs the information she is sharing on the video?”

When you think about who your video will serve, you can move past your feelings about how you look or sound. Breonna pictures the person who might see her video, months or even years down the road, and how they will be helped because she published it. 

If your goal is to solve your audience’s problems, you can confidently publish videos that do just that while removing your fears or hesitations from the process.

Focus on Your Message

Breonna has a saying that keeps her going even when her introverted side might want to shy away-

Serve Over Nerve.

As a business owner, your goal is to make money by solving the problems of your people. If you prioritize serving, you can overcome any nervousness you feel about creating video content. 

If you want to create video content that sells, you have to be yourself. The way to stand out in a crowded space is by being yourself. There is no other you. And when you show up, on video, as your true self, you will attract a loyal audience. And that audience will get to know you, and they will trust you, and ultimately, they will buy from you. 

If you’re ready to get started with video, or maybe you’ve tried, but you do not see results, Breonna has a free download for you!

This Record Roadmap will teach you, step-by-step, what to do before you hit the “record” button. The checklist will help establish your brand through your videos, tell you the top 3 mistakes Breonna sees in video content, and share her favorite budget-friendly tools. 

Get your free download by visiting Breonna’s website, or DM Breonna or me on IG, and we will send you the link right over! 

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