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Are you a blogger looking to working with brands to make an income?  Not sure how to stand out?  Feel like you’re screaming in a crowded noisy room and not being heard?  Standing out can be difficult, but there are tried and true ways to do it.  My 10 Day Pitch Perfect Challenge walks you through who to reach out to and what to say when you do so that you can stand out.

5 Ways to Stand Out to Brands

Are you ready to reach out to brands? Want to stand out? These 5 Traits will naturally have you stand out to brands.


Create a recognizable brand for yourself.  Have you ever noticed that you can tell what brand a product is even before you might be able to read the label?  Brands work hard to make their logos and packaging recognizable.  I can spot Lipton tea a mile away on the shelf because of it’s gold packaging.

As bloggers and influencers we need to do the same if we want to be able to monetize our sites.  There are specific areas that we need to focus.  For one, it’s important that our profile pictures are the same across social media.  Your audience will learn to trust your face so make sure to have an up to date profile picture that is consistent across social media.  Your fonts and images make a difference as well.  I want my audience to be able to recognize my pins without needing to see JennyMelrose.com in the corner of my images.  Brands want to work with influencers who have their own unique brand because it shows that you take yourself seriously and see yourself as a business.

Create an audience that engages.  Many bloggers talk about their traffic or social media numbers as the ultimate reason for brands to work with them.  Here’s the problem though, if you don’t turn those initial visits into consistent readers then what happens when there’s an algorithm change or a platform disappears?  You want your audience to feel connected to you.  If you can have one platform that your audience engages with you on, that is worth more than hundreds of thousands of traffic that are one and dones.  Having an audience that engages is having an audience that trusts you.  They’re interested in what you have to say and the products that you use.  Think about your close friends and family, don’t you often buy products because they rave about them.  If your audience trusts you like a friend then they are likely to purchase the products that you rave about, which is huge for a brand.

Show your influence.  Every person has their own unique voice and gifts.  That voice is where your influence lies.  It is who you are able to connect to.  My lifestyle site is meant for busy parents that want to create something quick and easy for their families. There’s a reason for that.  It’s because that’s my life!  My influence lies within the power of who I am and how others can relate to me.  You have to know where your influence lies.  If it’s in creating diy beauty products that are eco-friendly and all natural then go with it!  You have to know where your influence lies so that the brand can determine if you’re a good match for them.  The comfort food blogger is most likely not the best match for someone like Weight Watchers.

super hero

Have confidence in the super hero within you.  Knowing your influence and then having the confidence to act on that influence are two different things.  Too often we question ourselves.  We ask ourselves, “Who am I to reach out to or do …..”  Stop that!  You are holding yourself back.  Each and everyone of us is born with a super hero like gift.  It’s just a matter of reigning in on that gift and then having the confidence to share it.  Once you do, there will be no stopping you!

pitch perfect challenge

Introduce yourself.   All of the four traits lead up to you introducing yourself.  You can be the most successful influencer in the world and no one would know if you don’t take the initiative and reach out.  Be sure to grab my 9-Point Pitch Checklist so that you can reach out with confidence.  The great thing is that if you have determined traits one through four exist in you then trait five only makes sense.   It doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think either.  I have a 10-Day Pitch Perfect Challenge that walks you through who to reach out to and what to say.  You can join HERE.

10 Day Pitch Perfect Challenge

Take your influence and stand out!  Brands want to work with influencers that understand their value so let me guide you to find the right brands with my Challenge.


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