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Did you start a blog as a hobby or just somewhere to get your thoughts out there?  And now you’re hearing that there are way to monetize, but you’re not sure if you’re site is big enough or if you have enough expertise?  As someone that started out on a similar path of creating a blog as a creative outlet, I understand!  Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Monetize Your Blog.

Top 10 Reasons to Monetize Your Blog

Thinking about monetizing your blog, but not sure if it's right for you? I'm giving the Top 10 Reason to Monetize your Blog so that you can take action today.

1.   Freedom!  When you monetize your blog you become your own boss.  You set the hours and the amount of time and energy that you are going to put into it.  I started off an inner city school district teacher with a one year that needed an outlet to find herself again as a new mother and an unhappy teacher that did not like the way that education was taking a turn.  I did not appreciate administration telling me how to teach and giving me unrealistic expectations with the tools and time that could not solve the problem.  I needed the freedom to feel that my time was being put to use for the better.


2.  Time!  Not time in that I have time to sit on my butt and not work all day, but rather I mean the time for myself to make decisions that were right for my family.  When I was a teacher I would leave my house at 6 am to drive my young daughter 45 minutes to daycare to then drive another 45 minutes to work.  I would work from 7:15 to 2:45 and then turn around and make the drive again.  We usually arrived home by 4:30, which was just enough time to make dinner, take baths and go to bed.  I was losing time with my family.  Monetizing let’s me get that time back and I don’t lose three hours in a day commuting.


3.  Creativity!  Some people might be shrugging their shoulders at this one because they feel they can be creative on their blogs now without monetizing.  Let me just tell you that monetizing brings your creativity to a whole new level.  I constantly have my brain working.  I get to have brands provide me with a product and then it’s my job to turn it into a creative story.  Oh, and they pay me to do that.  Just last month I made 10k on writing articles like those, which is why I created my Pitch Perfect Challenge.  I’m going to give you a step-by-step process for pitching brands to work in that capacity.  Sign up HERE today so that you can reserve your spot.

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4.  Adventure!  If you’re one that likes to travel then monetizing is definitely for you.  You can do it in the capacity that I talked about above by working directly with brands and they take care of expenses or you just have the ability to travel more because you’re not tied down to a 9-5 job.  You also have extra income coming in that can help pay for your adventures by monetizing.  Over my blogging career I have had the opportunity to travel {all expenses paid} to New York City, San Diego, CA, Cleveland, OH Myrtle Beach, SC, Salt Lake City, UT and Dallas, TX.  Each one was a unique experience for a different brand, but there was always adventure involved.


5.  Family!  This one tends to play into all the rest of reasons that I’ve listed so far, at least for me.  I was able to get back the freedom to see those monumental moments in my girls life like the first day of school photos and riding the bus to school.  I was also able to get back time because I wasn’t driving three hours in order to get to work.  My ability to get creative and travel has provided so many opportunities for my girls that they never would have been able to experience.


6.  Less Stress!  Working for someone else means that there are expectations for you to perform.  You are on their schedule and they often have their own agenda.  You set the standard for yourself when you begin to monetize.  I wanted to replace a teaching income so that I didn’t have to teach anymore.  Now that I accomplished that my goal is to monetize enough that we can afford to pay cash for our next house.  No more debt and owing money to others.  Monetizing gives you the opportunity to provide that for you and your future generations.


7.  Stronger Relationships!  I know that one may sound odd, but when you monetize you begin to learn from other people and you create amazing friendships with those people.  The blogging community as whole is one of the most welcoming communities you will meet.  The ones that monetize are business savvy and have tons of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share.  I can honestly say that I speak regularly to other bloggers and it’s not just on how to monetize it’s actual life.  They know my kids and my kids know them.


8.  A Voice!  You are given a voice when you monetize because you are able to authentically use your voice to share the products and systems that you love.  You learn so much about yourself and what your strength are because you are putting it out there.


9.  Stronger Marriage!  My husband and I have always had a great relationship.  We enjoy each others company and love the life that we have built together.  Let’s be honest for a minute though, life is hard.  Things come barreling down at you when you least expect it and we have gotten through some difficult things that probably would have destroyed other relationships.  Monetizing has made me play a powerful role in our family.  He provides and so do I.  We are on equal playing fields.  He also has admitted that he has admiration for what I have accomplished.  I run two businesses, which brings me to my next point.


10.  You Own Your Own Business!  I don’t know about you, but as a kid when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I never in a million years would have said a business owner.  A business owner to me was someone that produces a physical products like a scientist of sorts.  When you monetize you are creating a product!  The product is your influence.  You have it, you just need to learn how to harness it.


I want to help you to harness that influence!  Join my Pitch Perfect LIVE Event right now so that you don’t miss out on the way to use your influence to become a business owner.


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