? IE 108: How to Find Your Zone of Genius as a Business Owner

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Do you have shiny object syndrome?  You get excited about a new idea, but end up losing steam on an old idea and seem to never make any progress?  Once you find your zone of genius there is nothing that will be able to distract you.  Your focus in your zone of genius will even surprise you. During this episode I’m challenging you to find your zone of genius and I have a quiz below to guide you.

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IE 108: How to Find Your Zone of Genius

How to Find your Zone of Genius

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Now let’s dive into how to find your zone of genius!

What Is A Zone of Genius?

The simplest explanation is that your zone of genius is something that comes naturally for you. It’s easy for you and it gives you energy. The tasks in your zone of genius are tasks that you look forward to, that bring you excitement. You don’t dread doing them.

My Story

Before we go any further, let me tell you my own story as an example. Many of you know that I used to be a reading specialist in inner-city New York.

Many of my students came from broken families, were living in or below the poverty line, and just overall had really difficult lives. And I absolutely adored them. I looked forward to being with them every single day. Out of a school of 300 students, my teaching roster included 250 of them.

To say that I was set up for failure would be an understatement.

The other challenge though, even bigger than the sheer number of kids, was that at age 28, I had to convince the teachers who had been in that school for 15, 20, or 25 years to trust me with their students. Because I wasn’t able to work with small groups of children, not at the rate that they needed help. I had to take over entire classes at a time.

Once I was able to step into a classroom and work with the kids, I seemed to always be drawn to what most people would label “the bad kids.” Those students who acted out the most. But I know that the reason they acted out was because of circumstances they couldn’t control outside of school.

I found my zone of genius in working with these kids. Kids that some people give up on. I was able to reach them and figure out ways to teach them that made sense to them.

Teaching is my zone of genius, whether that means teaching 3rd graders how to read or teaching a grown woman how to deal with the challenges of setting up a product launch, reaching out to brands, or scaling her business.

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How to Know when You’re in the Zone?

I have seen this time and time again in my own business over the past 6 months. I watch the women in my mastermind groups realize what their zone of genius is and they are flooded with new ideas for products or services for their business. I can sense it when they step into the zone. Their whole demeanor changes and I sometimes get chills when they start talking about it.

A lot of times, you will know when you step into that zone because the content you create when in the zone goes viral. You might see tons of traffic or more email sign-ups than usual. Your income may suddenly increase.

How to Figure Out What Your Zone of Genius Is

In order to figure out your own personal zone of genius, it is helpful to ask yourself some questions. Be sure to grab the free download! It has all the questions and space for you to write your answers.

  • What comes naturally or easily to you? What is something you can do without much effort? Are you a natural photographer? Maybe you are great at creating Facebook ads. Or perhaps you love teaching like I do.
  • What do people always ask you to do or ask you about? This is where audience interaction comes into play. Use your Instagram stories to get your audience engaged and listen to what they ask you. Ask your email subscribers questions so that you can see what they want to know from you.
  • What answers seem obvious to you? Once you start seeing the same questions over and over, notice which ones you can answer almost without thinking about it. What subject or topic are you so good at that you can riff on it for hours without taking a breath?
  • What gives you energy? Don’t say “coffee.” I mean, what is that one thing that you get excited to do? It’s that thing that when you’re done, you aren’t exhausted; you’re all revved up and ready to go again. For me, that was working one-on-one with clients. I wake up so excited when I think of who I’m working with that day!

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Getting Back to your Why to Find your Zone of Genius

I’ve said this a thousand times and I will probably say it a thousand more, but I didn’t start blogging in order to stay on the hamster wheel. I didn’t start my blog just so I could add more stress to my day.

For me, blogging was a way to help other people and offer solutions to their problems.

Maybe you started your blog in order to help people but you’ve gotten stressed over social media or emails or whatever. I want to encourage you to get back to what got you started in the first place.

What are you passionate about? What makes you feel so energized that you could do it all day? What do you feel excited about doing? Who do you want to help and how can you best help them?

Once you fill out the worksheet, keep it close by wherever you work. Look at it regularly and whenever you start to feel stressed, ask yourself if you are in that zone of genius?

If you get a sudden burst of energy and you lose track of time, you are likely in the zone.

Start paying attention to the things that feel easy to you. Notice the things that you do without having to think too much about them. The questions you can answer in your sleep.

I love being able to create content to grow my business. Don’t get me wrong. But what I love even more is seeing my tribe of Influencer Entrepreneurs grow and scale their own businesses. And you, my podcast listener, are part of that tribe. I want to see you step into your zone of genius!

Step into the zone and tag me in a story on IG! I love seeing your photos and stories!

Action Steps:

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