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Have you wondered about the secret so many people seem to have on finding work from home? Guess what! There’s no secret, it’s just knowing the right skills and where to find work!

Work from Home The Secret to Making Hundreds of Dollars a Month

How to Make Hundreds of Dollars a Month Working From Home

Administrative Duties

The endless email is something we all complain about. Having the ability to step in and organize an inbox, respond and draft emails professionally should be something you take the time to learn too.

This is similar to Social Media Scheduling for hourly wages.

Social Media Scheduling

It may seem like bloggers and online influencers are always on social media when in fact they actually are scheduling their content to go out at all times. Learning the different social media platforms and how they work is important as this is usually one of the first tasks that get hired out. You’ll need to learn to schedule on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and how to effectively post on Instagram.

VA’s are paid anywhere from $7 an hour upwards of $25 an hour. This will highly depend on your skills and how hands on the client need you to be.

Write Content for Bloggers

As bloggers get larger or want to cut back the time they spend creating content, they often look to hire out some of the work. Hiring writers or content creators to do everything from writing posts to creating recipes or photographing activities. This can be a great area to work because you can do these tasks on your own time as long as you meet the deadlines.

As a content creator, you’re able to charge anywhere from $25 to $100 + for great articles, recipes, etc.


Do these sound like things you can do or WANT to do? Why not start today training and preparing yourself to start our on Virtual Assistant Business right out of your home? Your income potential can be as high as you want it to be!

Work from Home: How to Make Hundreds of Dollars a Month Working as an Online Assistant

Do these things sound like jobs you could do? Of, course they do! And you can do them FROM HOME! I only wish that I would have known about this possibility years ago when my kids were little.

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With Online Admin Assistant Training you will get:

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