? Why You Should Attend a Conference as an Influencer

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I hear bloggers talk about conferences constantly.  It’s like a list of who’s who when it comes to attending.  I believe that you absolutely should attend a conference as an influencer.  I also feel that it’s important to choose your conference wisely.  There are so many benefits when it comes to attending a conference, but like your business, it’s all about what you make of it.

Why You Should Attend a Conference as an Influencer

Trying to decide whether or not to invest in your business and attend a conference? Here's why you should attend a conference as an influencer.

Networking with colleagues

Any conference I have gone to I have walked away with future business partners.  One of my best friends I met at a conference years ago.  She lives in Iowa and we get to see each other maybe once a year since I live on the east coast, but we routinely talk.  We share strategies and we always include each other in whatever endeavors we have going on.  We are also each other’s sounding boards.  When we get frustrated or doubt ourselves we drop everything to get the other one out of her funk.  There’s something different about having friends that are bloggers.  They get the stress of it all and understand that family doesn’t always truly get it.  You need one person in your corner that is your cheerleader and a great place to find them are at conferences.

Get out of your comfort zone

All too often we sit behind our computers and don’t really get out into the world with our work.   We need to push ourselves beyond those limits.  There is so much that we can learn from each other.  I know that some people are shy or get overwhelmed with large social situations.  It’s important that you push those boundaries so that people can put a face behind your site.   My saying is that if content is king then personality is queen.  Meeting you in person can make all the difference in the world for future collaboration.

Get hands on instruction and practice

Clearly, there are tons of e-courses available this day in age.  Sometimes though you need to have that in person opportunity to learn and grow.  Especially, when it comes to things like photography.  Plus, many of us learn differently.  Some of us need the hands on practice.  Often times there is an opportunity to take the lesson steps further because you are able to ask questions immediately.  There isn’t any wait time.  I learn best when a person’s body language is part of the lesson.  I understand the intricate details better and you often miss that in e-courses.

Practice your elevator pitch with brands

Brands are usually present at a conference.  They are there to get the added exposure for their brand, but also to find new bloggers to work with.  You want to be ready with your elevator pitch and know what you stand for.  This is not the place to pitch an idea.  Rather, you want to make a connection so that you are memorable when you do email them with a pitch.  If you’re thinking about reaching out to brands or want to work on your elevator pitch, my 10 Day Pitch Perfect Challenge walks you through it.  A conference is the perfect opportunity to truly hone in on what your site stands for.  Be sure to grab my Pitch Checklist so that you are ready when the time comes.

10 Day Pitch Perfect Challenge

Build your confidence

I run into bloggers routinely who have huge followings on social media and they undersell themselves.  It blows my mind.  The reality is that when we reach out to brands and go to conferences we are forging on unchartered territory.  There isn’t a rule book out there that shows you a step-by-step process so we often undervalue our influence.  Here’s the thing.  93% of women are more likely to buy something that is recommended from someone that they trust.  Let’s be honest, your audience trusts you and if they don’t then we know what you need to work on.  Have confidence in yourself!  Do what you need to do so that you can confidently reach out to a brand.  If you feel you need a more step-by-step process then you need to check out my Working with Brands e-Course.  One student stated that the confidence she gained from going through the program was worth the price of it by itself.

Meet your idols

If you’re like me then you routinely listen to podcasts.  One of my all time favorite people is Amy Porterfield.  I love the way that she is so honest about her business and how her family fits into it.  Plus, she contains a wealth of knowledge.  This November I am heading to Nashville to see her speak at Business Boutique.  To say that I’m excited would be an understatement.  I am hoping to keep it together enough to talk to her.  She has changed the way that I look at my business and has given me a ton of confidence to pursue my dreams.  If you’re looking for a conference to attend, Business Boutique is going to be amazing.  Plus, the price of the tickets are extremely reasonable.  If you use the code JENNYMELROSE you’ll even get an additional $10 off!  Let me know if you’ll be attending because I would love to meet you.

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