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Are you a small business looking to get more eyes on your products or services?  Frustrated with always having to pay to play on Facebook?  Pinterest is a game changer for business owners and here’s why.

Why Pinterest is Necessary as a Business Owner

Why Pinterest is Necessary as a Business Owner

By now I’m guessing that you’ve heard of Pinterest.  I’m sure you think that it’s just a site where moms spend hours collecting ideas for crazy craft projects or new holiday recipes.  It’s definitely that, but there’s so much more to it.  As a business there are certain steps that you can take to increase the traffic that you see from Pinterest.  I’ve put together a free 5 Day Pinterest Booster Challenge to help you get started.  Be sure to join in so that you can take advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer.


Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine?  That’s right!  Just like good ole Google.  Pinterest takes everything and categorizes based upon the information that is entered when a profile is created, a board is created or a pin is made.  How does that affect you though?  Well, if you own a bakery and you have optimized your profile, boards and pins like I show you how to do in my 5 day Challenge then if someone searches for a bakery in their area or that ships to their home then it is highly likely that they will find you!  You just need to make sure that you are optimizing your content like I teach you how to.

Access to Shopping Customers

I mentioned before that you probably thought the people using Pinterest were just moms.  Well, that is a large portion of the users.  Here’s why that is important.  Those moms are the shoppers!  They are the ones buying gifts for the holidays and hosting parties.  So if you own a hand printed stationery stores or an olive oil store, they are your target audience.  They are the shoppers and they are accessible via Pinterest every single day!


We talked about how Pinterest is a search engine, but it also allows consumers to organize and categorize your products so that their friends {or followers} can find them!  When someone pins your handmade headbands to their Baby Ideas Board, their followers also have the opportunity to repin your headbands and this is true for that person’s followers as well.  Just one pin can take off if it is popular and bring a business owner tons of potential customers as well as traffic.  Again, this is why it is vital that you optimize the information that you put into Pinterest.  Take advantage of the challenge while you can so that you don’t need to it by yourself.

Visual Society

Have you ever noticed scrolling through your Facebook feed how much of a visual society we are.  I remember in the good ole days when Facebook just started and people would put out a status update like, “On my way to the city to see Aladdin on Broadway.”   You never see that anymore.  Now you see the picture of your friends rubbing the golden lamp at the New Amsterdam Theatre or even better yet the video of them rubbing it.  We are a visual society.  Pinterest improves on that and allows to organize all of the gorgeous images that catch our attention.  So whether it’s a Perfect Roast Turkey or Closet Organizers, our friends and followers are able to categorize and enjoy that pin with us.


If you’re ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level then join in on my 5 Day Pinterest Booster Challenge today!

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