? IE 110: Why a Live Event as a Blogger or Influencer?

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Attending a live event can cost you time and money, but the advantages to a live event far out weight the cost.  Today I’m diving into a why a live event is for you if you’re looking to scale your business.

IE 110: Why a Live Event as a Blogger or Influencer?

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Why a live event as a blogger or influencer? #bloggingtips #conferences

Building relationships with people in real life is so important for your business. I can’t tell you how many times I have met someone and then later when I’m working on a project and need someone to promote it Before I dive into why you need to consider attending a live event, let me tell you that the tickets for my own live event, Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy, are going fast. This event is being held in Charlotte, NC in April of 2019. On the first evening, we will enjoy a cocktail cruise on gorgeous Lake Norman where we can meet each other and have a chance to greet our speakers and our sponsors. The next 2 days will be filled with speakers teaching and then time for you to put their strategies into action in your own business.

Rather than spending 2 days taking furious notes while speakers talk fast, each attendee will be put into a mastermind group of other women. You will sit with these women and you will all work together to help each other implement the lessons.

Now, let’s jump into why you need to consider attending a live event like IEA.

You Need Personal Relationships

The very first reason that I think you should consider attending a live event is so that you can begin to make some connections with people face to face.

for me, I reach out to that person. Or maybe I am looking for a certain type of content to promote that I don’t specialize in. I can reach out to someone that does create that content and I can use that to add to my Pinterest pins that month.

Being a blogger and an influencer can be a pretty lonely existence. We work alone. We are at home alone for the most part. We don’t have colleagues or coworkers next to us to chat with.

A lot of times, our own family doesn’t understand what we do all day. We can feel shy about calling ourselves business owners even though that is exactly what we are. People might think we just sit around in yoga pants all day every day watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

And while there are definitely days where you may sit around in yoga pants and eat ice cream, you need to have relationships with other women who get what you’re doing. Women who are doing the same thing and who can understand the struggles you face and who can share in your victories.

Now I do want to say that I have some great relationships with people I have met online. But when we finally get to meet face to face, it takes that relationship to a whole new level. You just gain a better understanding of them than you had before you spent time together.

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Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I know, I know. All of my introvert listeners are saying, “But Jenny! I hate crowds. I don’t do well around people I don’t know. I can’t make small talk. I feel real anxiety at the thought of going to an event.”

Let me just say that I get it. I am an introvert, too. I know you may not believe that because I do a podcast and I do live video all the time. But when it comes to crowds and small talk, I can get some anxiety going.

The thing is, if you are content to stay at a certain level of putting yourself out there, your business is going to remain at that same level. You have to be willing to step outside of that comfort zone and grow as a person if you want to see your business grow.

When you start to make yourself uncomfortable, that’s when you will start to see yourself taking strides to move your business forward.

Stepping out of your comfort zone by attending a live event allows you to see what other bloggers and influencers are working on which gives you new ideas for your own business. And at IEA, you will have a chance to put it into practice!

Get Intensive Instruction

Another great thing about live events is the fact that you get to spend dedicated time getting intensive instruction from expert speakers.

I want to tell you how a little bit about how the speakers are going to do things at IEA because it is definitely different than any live event I have attended.

Each speaker will have 45 minutes to present specific strategies to you. You will have a workbook to not only fill out, but to actually personalize for your business. After the speaker is done, you will then have 45 minutes to implement the strategies that were just taught. At your mastermind table, you will be working together to help each other put into practice what you just heard about.

But that’s not all. After the speaker is finished presenting, she/he will work the room. No more standing in line to ask that question you have and hoping you get a chance to ask it. Not at IEA. Our speakers will be circulating, so that you can ask your question and then implement their answer.

The Difference in IEA compared to other live events

I know I’ve already spoken to my introvert friends out there and I don’t want my extrovert friends to think that I’m not planning for you at IEA. I just know that you extroverts can walk into any room and make a friend.

Knowing that you have a table to sit at and women who will be there waiting on you will make things easier for everyone. Not to mention, I want to feel comfortable at my own conference.

This conference is going to be on the smaller side; we are capping tickets at 100. You will not be walking into a room of hundreds or even thousands of women. I want this to be personal and for you to feel seen and heard. I want you to feel as though you’re a part of a community while you’re there.

I have attended conferences where as soon as a speaker finished their presentation, I scurried off to another room where another speaker was already taking the stage. And what I found is that I lost so much information. I just didn’t have time to think about what I had just heard, much less time to figure out how to implement it.

Sometimes, I couldn’t even find a way to make it work for me. If I had only had the chance to have a group of women around me who could speak into that for me and help me brainstorm ways to implement those things into my business.

Those conversations will be happening at my live event. I honestly believe that this event will be one of the best events you could attend. You will take your business to the next level at this event. We will be covering Pinterest, list building, SEO, ad strategy, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

I have hand-picked the speakers based on their ability to teach the strategies that are working for them in their own businesses. As a former teacher, I know that if you can’t teach it, you aren’t actually successful in it. Every speaker at IEA has the ability to not only teach but to show you how they are putting those strategies into practice in their own businesses.

It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone. I strongly encourage you to attend Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy in April of 2019. Ticket are almost gone, so be sure to get yours today! I can’t wait to see you there!

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