? What is a Content Strategy?

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Having a content strategy is key to any successful business so how do we as bloggers and service providers create one and exactly what is a content strategy?

IE 268: What is a Content Strategy?

Your content strategy is the actual content, quality content, that you are putting out there, that is going to attract your ideal audience and keep them coming back to you continually.

They’re not one and done, they are actually coming back to you and relying upon you as the expert.

You’ve probably heard me say in multiple episodes that 2022 is all about being that expert, but in order to be  seen that way you have to have quality content and part of that is in the strategy that you are going to continue with people along the way with your content.

That also comes into play with being able to offer them different opportunities to continue to work with you, to become more of a buy-in with your audience.

So if we’re doing it from the standpoint of a blogger, you are probably attracting your audience naturally with your quality content that you’re already putting out. 

But the problem that we didn’t see was relying on ads, just like many of us in the past relied on Pinterest. Which was a one and done.

So by having this content strategy we are able to walk them through this and continue to do that, which is going to be the key.

Why do you need a content strategy?

How else are people going to find you? Many bloggers do this naturally by creating quality content that is also SEO’d or keyword researched.

And what you’re looking at is the problem that you’re solving and then you create content that then solves that problem for your audience.

They automatically want to become your people who constantly listen to the content or read the content that you’re putting out there.

They’re going to sign up for your email list and then you’re going to engage with them and create a community that isn’t just one and done with you. 

You need that content strategy so that you have that consistent traffic, those consistent quality possibilities being able to make a sale from.

In order for that to happen, you have to have this content strategy in place whereas, what may happen is you put out content, you then have it so that they get onto your email list, which can lead to them getting onto your newsletter.

From there you create that relationship with your audience so that when you do have a sale or a launch of something it will go straight to them and they are there ready to buy from you.

What are types of content?

When you look at it, many bloggers are naturally doing this by creating your recipes or by showing diys and creating that blog post.

You’re also doing it by creating social media that is corresponding with the actual blog post.

You can also have content that could be a podcast, personally, that’s how my content gets created.

I start with a podcast that gets turned into a blog post, which then gets turned into a social media post and gets sent out as an email.

I do all of this so that my audience can understand how they can continue to grow their business themselves.

You have to be growing your email list to have the opportunity to still have those potential people rather than just relying on social media. 

Your social media platform should be a piece of your content strategy but it is NOT the piece that should be the consistent content, there has to be something else.

It could be a video, it could be when you’re looking at different areas making sure that it’s a medium that you’re delivering that they can have access to and also find it through SEO purposes. 

What are the key components of a content strategy?

Your initial content is your most consistent and should really be searchable content that people can google.

That can come from blog content, podcasts, youtube, nobody is going to go to instagram and search up a question.

The most important thing is growing your email list!!! It’s what gets your content out there to your audience so they know what’s coming.

To show that you’re the expert you need to solve multiple problems, just solving one isn’t going to make your audience come back, they want you to solve their problems for them because that’s what you’re there for.

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