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Understanding and how to utilize a tripwire product can make a huge difference in passive income for bloggers with products or services.

IE 288: What is a Tripwire Product with Examples

What is a Tripwire Product with Examples

Last week I talked about promotional emails and I used the industry term of tripwire product and realized that I needed to clarify exactly what a tripwire product is and share some examples of some for specific niches.

What is a tripwire product?

I mentioned that after an opt-in, you want to have a tripwire product, and then you want to have an evergreen sales sequence which you would then deliver the promotional emails that again sells the tripwire product.

A tripwire product should be a product or service that is less than $25 and is in line with your opt-in as well as in line with your potential product that is a higher price product that you sell.

How to deliver a tripwire product?

When someone in your audience typically opt-ins to your freebie, they are sent to a thank you page that tells them to check their inbox for whatever they opted into.  

When you have a tripwire product we want to send them to a tripwire sales thank you page that tells them that their freebie is in their inbox, but before they go we have a great offer for them and that offer is a tripwire product.

It is usually a significant discount of 50% off the regular price.  So if you had a product that sells regularly for $40 then it would be marked down to $20 on the tripwire sales page for a limited time.

Tripwire product examples

Blogger & Business Coach Example

Many of you found me because of my expertise in pitching brands for sponsored content.  I am well known for my signature course, Pitch Perfect Pro.

Most of my audience come into my funnel by opting into my free Pitch Guide.  

On the tripwire thank you page you are offered my Pitch It program for 50% which is the very beginner information of Pitch Perfect Pro.

The promotional sequence then continues to sell Pitch It for 48 hours at that reduced price. 

If someone purchases, then they go into the promotional sequence for Pitch Perfect Pro, which is the next step in my funnel for potential clients interested in working on sponsored content.

Cocktail Blogger Example

A cocktail blogger may offer an opt-in that is a guide for the different types and quality of alcohol that would be demonstrated via a high, medium, low price.

Then from there, they may send them to a tripwire that is a cocktail cookbook of specific cocktails that they can make with two of the alcohols that were in the guide that was offered for free. 

That ebook is offered for 50% off.

From there the funnel may offer a course on mixology.

Parenting Blogger with focus on Self Care for Moms Example

She may start you off with a guide that gives you five tips on how to be more self-aware of yourself, so that you can be a better mom for your kids. 

From there, it’s going to send you to a tripwire product of a journal that walks you through how to better communicate or different things that are going to help you again, be a better parent and take care of yourself at the same time.

And then the product down the line for her may possibly be a membership that is going to offer more support as well as continue to talk about things that were in the tripwire journal. 

Home Decor Blogger

A home decor blogger may offer you a free ebook that gives you 10 tips on how to better decorate your home.

Then she’s going to offer you a tripwire service that is a workshop that is normally $40 but is now going to be $20. And it’s a workshop that teaches you how to specifically decorate your bookshelves. 

Then she may take you to a larger price product, like a full course on how to decorate all the different rooms in your home.

The Makings of a Funnel

We’re taking them on this journey. 

We’re showing them how we can fix their problems. 

We’re giving them a win by solving their pain points and then showing how we are the expert and they need our full product.

When you’re thinking about what’s a good tripwire?  What’s a good opt-in? 

You really need to start with what is your product or service?

You are ultimately trying to get people to that signature product or service. 

From there you then work backwards so that you can figure out what that funnel should look like and how you can use the promotional emails that we talked about previously. 

Finally, you’ll use the nurture emails so that you can continually nurture your people and show them that you are the expert.

Action Steps:

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