? 4 Tactics for Building a Successfull Business Facebook Page

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If you’ve tried and failed to build a successful business Facebook page lately, I am here to help! We’re diving into specific tactics for building a successful business Facebook page.

It seems next to impossible to get any traction with business Facebook pages these days but my guest on this episode of the podcast is going to share her tips and tricks for doing just that.

IE 177: 4 Tactics for Building a Successful Business Facebook Page with Jenny Peterson

Jenny Peterson at her desk working on her Business Facebook Page

Jenny Peterson and her husband have owned a brick and mortar business for about 13 years, but Jenny always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so she worked really hard to be able to stay at home with her 3 kids. 

She was able to make it happen, but once she was at home full-time, she realized that something was missing. 

She didn’t feel completely fulfilled like she thought she would. So, 6 years ago she started her online business and now she teaches other mamas how to run a successful business from anywhere so that they can continue to enjoy being a mom. 

Jenny first got started in network marketing and is now a top leader for Younique. She also does affiliate and influencer marketing and runs a very successful business Facebook page

She also has her own online course where she teaches business owners how to start, grow, and make money from their business Facebook pages and social media. 

Running A Successful Business Facebook Page 

It often feels like the business pages on Facebook can be stifled. Jenny’s posts gain a ton of traction. Here are some of the most important things to remember when running a business page, whether on Facebook or other social media. 

  • Consistency is key. 

You have to show up every single day. If Jenny were to run her brick and mortar business the way that some people run their online businesses, they wouldn’t have any customers. You have to show up for your customers if you want them to stick around. 

  • Utilize Live video. 

With the click of a button you can reach millions of people, millions of your ideal customers, without ever leaving your home. Going Live and building that relationship with your customers is where you will find sales.

Being consistent in sharing your Live videos is more important than how many times a week you go Live. Pick a day and time each week to go Live. View it as your own TV show. 

Jenny goes Live every single Wednesday at the exact same time. She will go Live at other times during the week, but her followers can count on her being Live on Wednesday for Win-It Wednesday. This is a giveaway so that she can count on getting shares from her followers. 

Rewarding your online audience helps. 

Jenny tells her followers that as soon as they have shared her video 100 times, she’ll give away an Amazon gift card. This encourages and motivates them to share her content. 

Every Woman Is an Influencer

Jenny’s Win It Wednesday videos look just like her chatting with her best friends. She wants her followers to feel like they know and love her because that will lead to trust. And we all know that people buy products from you when they know, like, and trust you.

Jenny doesn’t have to pretend that her audience is her best friends, because they really are. And even though she’s selling while she’s talking, it doesn’t feel weird. She’s just talking about the things she loves and sharing why she loves them. 

Jenny does demos every single day. 

She struggles with rosacea, which is her biggest insecurity. She’ll show up on video with no makeup and do tutorials. She’ll also do try-on hauls, hair tutorials, all while chatting with her friends. 

Women are natural-born influencers. They do it in every aspect of their lives, like influencing their kids to eat vegetables! Even though this is true, sometimes sales can feel icky and we’re afraid to be “that person.” 

You are a salesperson. You just have to remove the negative connotation of sales. Being an influencer means sharing the things you really love and teaching your audience to trust you.

Organic Growth on Facebook Vs. Boosting Posts

A lot of Jenny’s growth is organic. She’s had her Facebook business page for 3 years. In the first 2 years, she was very inconsistent and she saw minimal growth. 

After she started her Facebook business page, she lost her ability to boost on Facebook due to some fraud on the credit card she had registered with Facebook. She realized that if she was going to grow her page, she would have to do it organically. 

If you don’t know who your ideal person is and exactly how to write in order to grab her attention, or you can’t write copy that converts, putting a Facebook ad on it will not help. 

This is why it is important to be able to grow your page organically before you worry about boosting. 

Jenny doesn’t do a ton of Facebook ads even though she has regained her ability to boost. 

Grabbing Your Audience’s Attention with Great Copy

You want your copy to speak to your audience. It has to be able to convert. 

Before you can ever share about your favorite products or business you have to get someone to stop and pay attention to you. This can be especially hard on Facebook and social media, where everything moves at such a fast rate. 

Your goal is to stop their scroll. 

A lot of times when entrepreneurs write copy or come up with captions, it’s almost an afterthought. But it is one of the most important pieces of your Facebook Live. 

It can be the determining factor in whether or not someone stops scrolling to actually tune in to what you are saying. 

Jenny is offering a freebie to my audience, titled “50 Captivating Live Video Titles.” This freebie is fill in the blank and will work for anyone and any business. 

When it comes to creating an attention-grabbing title, there are a couple of different things you can do. 

  • Ask a question.
  • Create curiosity
  • Have a number and what you’re going to teach on ( Ex: # of Foolproof Ways to __.)

Think about your ideal customer and what she is looking for online. Caption your video something that will make your person want to click to see more. 

How Consistency Grew Jenny’s FB Page from 20K to 77K

For the first 2 years that Jenny had her Facebook business page, she was admittedly inconsistent.  But in 2019, she decided to go all-in. 

The gift of consistency is something that only you can give yourself. 

When Jenny decided to be consistent, post multiple times a day, mega-batch instead of posting in real-time, she experienced immense growth. 

She went from 20,000 followers to 77,000 followers in a short amount of time. 

A lot of her posts are scheduled in advance. Creating content in real-time does not allow you to create your best content or be consistent, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. 

Things happen in life that will distract you from posting in real-time. 

Scheduling your posts allows you to not worry about your business if your kids get sick or you get stuck running errands all day. 

4 Types of Posts To Create Engagement

Decide on 3 words that you want your ideal customer to feel after she spends time on your business page. 

Come up with 5 different categories you’re going to post about and rotate those categories. 

If you’re in network marketing and selling the same products as millions of other people, what makes you different from them? 

Jenny posts about her business, things that make her laugh, inspirational and uplifting things, weight loss, and her family. 

There are 4 different types of engagement posts that create buzz:

  • A decision post (where the audience helps make a decision)
  • An opinion post (ask for advice or their personal opinion of the topic)
  • A permission post (be vulnerable and give others permission to feel the same way)
  • A “can’t help themselves” post (are you X type of person or Y type of person) 

These types of posts generate engagement. This engagement helps your page grow organically. 

These posts allow you to create that relationship that really does make your audience feel like friends. Being vulnerable in front of your audience makes them feel like you can be trusted. 

This applies to any social media, not just your Facebook business page. So, make sure you download Jenny’s freebie to start captivating your audience. 

Being vulnerable and showing your true self to your audience is what will set you apart. 

Action Steps:


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