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Don’t you wish that creating an online presence via a blog or social media meant that you automatically could turn a profit?  I mean you worked so hard to gain those followers on Instagram and your audience LOVES you.  So why are you not turning a profit?  These 5 steps will get you on your way to creating a profit from your business.

5 Steps to Creating a Profit from your Business

Don't you wish that creating an online presence meant that you automatically could turn a profit? Here are 5 steps to creating a profit from your business.

In order to turn a profit you absolutely need to be organized.  You need to have a game plan as far as where you are going with your business.  What is your purpose for creating an audience or a social media presence?  Are you looking to grow your network marketing business by finding new leads?  Or do you want brands to start to rely on you to tout their products?  Or do you have a product in mind for yourself?

When I started blogging it was a hobby.  As a new mother and a teacher who felt trapped by the system, I needed a creative outlet.  My blog gave me the opportunity to connect with other women and share my passions.  I slowly began to realize that I could make extra money from blogging to pay for Christmas or extra fun vacations.  You can learn about all the ways that influencers can make money HERE.  About two years ago I finally understood that I could leave my teaching position and blog full time.  I made the vast amount of my money as a lifestyle blogger from landing sponsored posts, but I learned that there were other avenues I could be taking as well.

If you’re a new blogger or influencer with a social media presence or even if you’ve been blogging for some time, these are the steps to take to turn a profit from your business.

  1.  Think about what you could produce as a product.  If you’re a direct marketer then you already have a product.  It might be an ebook, course, or even an Etsy store item.
  2. Create content that hits on a pain point and that product fixes that problem.  So if you create printable calendars that hit on the pain point of staying organized then write content that solves the pain point of being unorganized.  Or if you’re a direct marketer for a skin care product then start writing content that hits on this pain point.
  3. Grow your email list with a targeted audience that would be interested in your product.  If you’re wondering how you could possibly get people to sign up, check out step four.
  4. Offer a lead magnet or freebie that “leads” your audience towards that product so it lets you know that they are interested in your product.  So for the printable example above I might create a free weekly agenda page.  Or if it’s the skin care product I might create a one page at a glance sheet that shares the best skin care tips as my freebie.

Continue to nurture and grow the relationship that you already have with your audience via social media and your email list.  Get them used to interacting with you and seeking you out for advice.

Below is the Facebook Live video that I created over on my Facebook Page.  I’m routinely creating free video content there that bloggers, influencers and even direct marketers would benefit from.  Plus, I’ve established a Facebook group for Influencer Entrepreneurs where you can ask your questions and get support from like minded people.  Just join HERE.


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